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NJ Realtor Commissions

Posted in Realtor by bdmovers on October 20, 2012
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In NJ,  your Realtor commission is negotiable.  You and the Realtor agree on a percentage usually based on sales price of your home.

However, I’ve heard of some instances where the Realtor is asked to take a reduction in commission at closing. The home may have had last-minute issues; the buyer brought less money to the table, the house was filthy, the stove (or water heater, furnace, etc) did not work at the walk through, last-minute mortgage issues, etc. At this point someone says to the Realtor, I had to eat this (or I won’t eat this) so you have to.

I’m told this is legal.

I’m telling you its unethical.

BD Movers says keep your hands off their commission

BD Movers says, keep your hands off their commission!

You work hard for your money, so does the Realtor. You expect to be paid a certain sum for your labor, so do they. Your misfortune or misjudgment is not their fault. It is wrong to dig into anyones  pockets when they did not create the problem.

A friend this summer sold a house. At closing it was discovered the sellers had not moved all their things and a hauling/cleaning company would have to be hired to clear out the old junk. Everyone at the table turned to her and told her unless she paid for it, the deal was off. How is this her problem? Why not the seller who left it a mess? or the Buyer who had bought below market and was expecting to do massive repairs already.

Other Realtors have told me this in not uncommon, they are frequently asked to pay for this or that. They are frequently not reimbursed for out-of-pocket items like smoke alarms if they picked them up for a seller, carpet cleaning or contractors that the realtor met when the buyers were not available.

It is unethical. Don’t do it.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers(r)


5 Things clients do to sabatage their move

Posted in Moving,Realtor,Uncategorized by bdmovers on May 17, 2009
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1st off, 99% of my clients are great people. They are charming, above average in looks and intelligence, wonderful conversationalist. That being said, some go out of their way to make their move a very difficult day.

  • Number one would have to be those that did not finish getting ready. If you hired your mover to just move you, then you need to have everything packed by the time they arrive. If you run out of steam, (it happens), call them so they can try and get a packing crew out to save the day. You should never think, ‘the mover will handle it” . most of us do not show up with an extra 50 boxes to pack the kitchen and dining room. We have to have you out by your closing and you just changed that.
  • Number 2 are those that have scheduled the closings at 9am and 5 pm. Now we have to race to get you out by 9 (won’t happen) and then charge you waiting time because the men must sit in the new driveway for 7 hours. It means I may have another customer screaming at me, because the crew is stuck on your job and not helping them move. (One crew will often move 2 small-ish houses a day.)
  • Number 3 is when the you did not sell the items you told me were getting rid of. We do not have the magic truck that expands to handle any size house. I will send a second truck if you need it, but I need notice to make that happen. If you surprise us, we have have to leave items or make a second trip. By the way, I’m not talking about when I mess up and figure a smaller truck is OK. When I mess up, we handle it.
  • Number 4. You forgot to mention you built a wall 5 years ago, so the sofa that was delivered 6 years ago now can’t get out. I am very clever, as are most movers, in getting things in and out. But… you may need a carpenter or at least a chain saw now. Not my fault, please do not get upset with me. The other side of this is when I tell you, ” sorry, that is too large to fit” you insist, I try , you have a scratched wall or dresser.
  • Number 5 is when the customer insists on moving even though, the street is being paved, a hurricane, northeaster, snow storm is raging, or the new house is being carpeted, painted as we move in.

I get so frustrated when any of these things happen, it is so unfair to your mover and the other people moving. If you give us a heads up, we can go to crisis mode, make calls, move mountains and successfully move you.

Faith can move mountains, for eveything else there is BD Movers (tm)

Rogue Movers, NJWMA and the BBB

The New Jersey Warehouse and Movers Association has just posted a few videos to Youtube. (it ain’t just kids anymore) I can not tell you how pleased I am that they are being so proactive about this issue. ———Disclaimer: I serve on the board of directors for the NJWMA
Our industry has a problem with unlicensed movers, (have I mentioned why you want a licensed mover? have you read my first 13 posts?) Other states such as Maryland have also developed videos to inform our consumers of the problem.  Bravo!

Speaking of the NJWMA, they also have program for “Circle of Excellence” movers. Although all of the member movers are great, these few companies have held themselves to even higher standards. I applaud all of them.

The BBB recently changed the way they grade companies. It now is a letter grade from F to A+ , based on pass customer service and few other factors.  This should make it easier for the consumer to compare movers to each other.

Happy Easter!

Faith can mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!

Patti’s Prom Project

On another note. BD Movers has been supporting Patti’s Prom Project this past month. I help in collecting used gowns and dresses and they are then donated to a young women that would otherwise not have one. If you are in Ocean County, call us and I will arrange to pick up the dress. The event takes place on the 28th of March, here in Forked River, NJ. Robin Bahr has been a promoter of the event and has brought much energy to the project. If you do not know Robin, she is a great realtor in Ocean County. If you had to choose a realtor, she most definitely would be on your short list. Pattie Romano has also been a great help to the effort, you may know her from her radio show on WOBM. Laura Giannotta is also one of the dynamos involved, she is very involved in our community and a great realtor as well. I am sure there are others involved, but these realtors have been my contacts. Today I heard they have over 1000 prom dresses! My company is donating a Limo to the grand prize winner. ( Thanks to a Barter arrangement, paybacks are …)

I look forward to seeing all my readership there! 😉

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers. ™

Recent Estimates

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The other day I was in the home of a man that lost his job and needs to move. Has to move because the apartment is no longer his. I met his wife and 2 sons, all really nice, smart people. I use to think we all make our fortunes, make our luck, but I am meeting too many smart, capable people that have been blind sided by this economy. I often come home depressed from the personal stories I hear each day. Another home had both husand and wife unemployed and in a new house with their young son. Another was moving out of state, (I’m in Ocean County, NJ), but not to a new job or family, just to start over. He said it has to be better somewhere else.

If I may make a suggestion, please thank God for your family, your job, your work. It is too precious to take for granted.
For years now I have told my customers and employees at BD Movers that ” I’ve had work and I’ve had no work… work is better”. Those words are really ringing true for a lot of us.

Moving and Realtors

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I have to say that hiring a realtor in Ocean County is a no-brainer. It is overwhelming the things you need to accomplish by yourself .  Not all realtors are created equal, (not all movers are either), but the best are truly like family by the time you sell the house and move. My friends that sell homes work ungodly hours. They make themselves available for you  at all hours. They handle the multitude of professions involved (lawyers, appraisers.title companies, home inspectors, BD Movers, etc) . They coordinate all this so the paperwork and the “closing” all happen as it should.

On a bad day, I may feel that movers are the most maligned profession, but realtors must be a close second. Its not fair. Psychologist have told me that moving and loss of a spouse/child are the most stressful events in a persons life. Everyday we (movers and realtors) serve this population.  The stress will express itself somewhere.

So, please clients, do your homework. Your sister-inlaw that sells homes part-time will not do as good a job as a full time realtor. If you see a bunch a letters after their name, if means they have contiuned to learn and get better. When you drive into a neighboorhood and see one realtors name listed on all the “for sale” signs, it is because they know the market and they are experts for the area.  A good realtor will get you the best possible deal on your home (statistics back me up) and make life easier. Like I said, a no brainer.