NJ Realtor Commissions

You and the Realtor agree on a percentage usually based on sales price of your home.

However, I’ve heard of some instances where the Realtor is asked to take a reduction in commission at closing.


5 Things clients do to sabatage their move

1st off, 99% of my clients are great people. They are charming, above average in looks and intelligence, wonderful conversationalist. That being said, some go out of their way to make their move a very difficult day. Number one would have to be those that did not finish getting ready. If you hired your mover … Continue reading 5 Things clients do to sabatage their move

Rogue Movers, NJWMA and the BBB

http://www.youtube.com The New Jersey Warehouse and Movers Association has just posted a few videos to Youtube. (it ain’t just kids anymore) I can not tell you how pleased I am that they are being so proactive about this issue. ———Disclaimer: I serve on the board of directors for the NJWMA Our industry has a problem … Continue reading Rogue Movers, NJWMA and the BBB

Patti’s Prom Project

On another note. BD Movers has been supporting Patti’s Prom Project this past month. I help in collecting used gowns and dresses and they are then donated to a young women that would otherwise not have one. If you are in Ocean County, call us and I will arrange to pick up the dress. The … Continue reading Patti’s Prom Project