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NJ Mover, BD Movers, uses innovative crating to speed moves

Posted in Moving,Packing by bdmovers on January 16, 2012
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We recently invested in these crates to speed up moves. We load Flat Screens, pictures, and mirrors in a fraction of the time yet move safely than in cardboard boxes. Win – Win for the client and us.

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Options to hiring an NJ Moving company

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I recently gave a short informational talk to a group about moving.

One of the constant questions I get is: “Why hire a mover when I can do this with my friends and family?” I decided to answer that question with a short video of clippings from YouTube.

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You have too much stuff!

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When I grew up we each had a small closet and it was enough. Today our clients have walk in closets, usually 2 in the Master Bedroom.  Yours may not look this organized (mine doesn’t) but the point is made, we all have so much more than when we grew up.

Now look in your kitchen, I bet you see the same trend here. We have mixers, pots and pans that our parents never dreamed of. I moved a client that had 8 sets of china. Remember the “good” dishes? Many people now have multiple sets of “good” dishes and Christmas china, and stoneware, and everyday dishes.

Check out the garage! I had a football, basketball and some basic baseball equipment. So did my friends on Staten Island. Today I might find all that and portable baseball courts, extensive soccer gear and nets (in America?), all sorts of practice equipment, skiing stuff , etc.

Back yard! I bet you had a charcoal grill, red, just like everyone else. Now we have grills the size of Buicks! We have 2 patio sets, lounges, fire pits and assorted tables to go with everything else.

Would our grandparents recognize our lives?

When I search on old moving pictures, you can find small horse drawn carts that moved houses. Houses!  Today they might be able to move a room or two worth of stuff.

I have too much stuff and you do too!

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

Hiring a New Jersey Mover and what are the added costs?

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You are interviewing your NJ Moving company and want to know what could change the price. Here is the potential add on list.

Travel time is the cost of a mover getting to you and back to their warehouse. This is in additional to your hourly

Barnegat Moving company, BD Movers and a happy client

BD Movers, Barnegat moving company, and their smiling customer

move. Some movers may add a nominal fee for this and some add quite a bit. If you are in Cape May and you hire a mover from Hoboken expect lots of travel time.

If you don’t finish the packing;  lamps, pictures, dishes, etc, the mover will and they will charge for that service.  This can be a substantial cost. Be clear with your mover at the time of the estimate on what you will pack and they will pack.

Change of order. You added items or you changed the conditions of the move. For instance, you did not sell the living room set and now it goes, or the movers get to the new house and find it is an apartment with a tiny elevator instead the ranch home they expected.

Some companies charge for tolls.

Some will charge for equipment. Normal use of a hand-truck or dolly is usually included. Piano equipment or hoisting may not be.

Some charge for blankets. It is legal if its in the their tariff, but I think it’s unfair. Does a carpenter charge for his hammer? I should have available to me all the tools that make me a professional.

Some charge for tape. A scam but legal if it’s in their tariff. They use rolls and rolls of it when they put blankets on the furniture.

Never legal are things like a mandatory tip, lunch money or a charge for gas for the trucks.

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Why is my move more expensive than…

Often people want to compare moving prices with their friends, family, well… everyone. Why did Mrs Smith pay

Happy client with NJ movers, BD Movers

Cindy and the moving men on move-in day

more than Mrs Clark when they both had a 3 bedroom house to move?

Every house is not filled equally, you may have a modest bedroom set and they may have a set made for giants.

Are you a one table top TV family or 5 sets with surround sound?

Are you moving the appliances or leaving them?

Do you collect tea cups and have 3 china cabinets filled with them or are you a 4 piece place setting person?

The average home has 100-125 boxes, are you above average? (you should have said yes here)

Are your kids under 5 and have every toy a grandparent can buy them? Or are they older with a xbox and laptop for toys?

Do you live on the 3rd floor of a walk up apartment? You will pay more than the 2nd floor or 1st floor clients. Why? it just takes so much longer to move the same stuff.

Did your friend do their own packing and do want the movers to pack everything?

Are you moving 1 block or to the next county? Are you moving to the Jersey Shore on a weekend in summer (with traffic backed up for miles) or are you moving in March when the roads are free of traffic?

You are unique, celebrate it, and pay the piper his due. 😉

Ultimately, your mover is charging by how long the job will take on local moves or they are charging by weight on long-distance moves (with extra charges for things that take extra time like long carry’s or flights of stairs)

You are in control , only hire a mover to do what makes sense for your budget and ability.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

Moving requests over the years

These are some of the true requests (in spirit if not in word) I have gotten over the years:

  • Can you move the aquarium with water and fish? No
  • Can I leave the food in my refrigerator and freezer? No
  • Can I leave the clothes in the dressers? Yes
  • Can you move my mother before the ambulance comes? NO!
  • Can I help load the truck? No, you can’t come on the truck but you can move your furniture and boxes to the driveway if you want.
  • Can I drive with you? No
  • Can you move my pets in the truck? no
  • How about my plants? Usually no, but if there is floor space and we are moving a short distance, OK
  • Do I have to pack in boxes, can I use trash bags? OK for soft items like blankets, not OK for lamps.
  • Are you married and would you like to meet my granddaughter? Yes and No
  • Can I leave my items on the truck till I close on the other house? Yes if it’s overnight, no if it’s longer.
  • part 2 of that question is why? Because once your stuff is on my truck, I am out of work.
  • part 3 of that question is but so and so mover will let me. He must have not work for his trucks and you might ask why that is. (January and February are the exceptions to this answer, all movers have trucks that can store for a day or two)
  • Can you stop at my brothers, storage, or ex-wife’s? Yes
  • Will you move gas, oil, propane, chemicals or my foul, putrid compost bin? NO

What is your moving request?

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers

5 Things clients do to sabatage their move

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1st off, 99% of my clients are great people. They are charming, above average in looks and intelligence, wonderful conversationalist. That being said, some go out of their way to make their move a very difficult day.

  • Number one would have to be those that did not finish getting ready. If you hired your mover to just move you, then you need to have everything packed by the time they arrive. If you run out of steam, (it happens), call them so they can try and get a packing crew out to save the day. You should never think, ‘the mover will handle it” . most of us do not show up with an extra 50 boxes to pack the kitchen and dining room. We have to have you out by your closing and you just changed that.
  • Number 2 are those that have scheduled the closings at 9am and 5 pm. Now we have to race to get you out by 9 (won’t happen) and then charge you waiting time because the men must sit in the new driveway for 7 hours. It means I may have another customer screaming at me, because the crew is stuck on your job and not helping them move. (One crew will often move 2 small-ish houses a day.)
  • Number 3 is when the you did not sell the items you told me were getting rid of. We do not have the magic truck that expands to handle any size house. I will send a second truck if you need it, but I need notice to make that happen. If you surprise us, we have have to leave items or make a second trip. By the way, I’m not talking about when I mess up and figure a smaller truck is OK. When I mess up, we handle it.
  • Number 4. You forgot to mention you built a wall 5 years ago, so the sofa that was delivered 6 years ago now can’t get out. I am very clever, as are most movers, in getting things in and out. But… you may need a carpenter or at least a chain saw now. Not my fault, please do not get upset with me. The other side of this is when I tell you, ” sorry, that is too large to fit” you insist, I try , you have a scratched wall or dresser.
  • Number 5 is when the customer insists on moving even though, the street is being paved, a hurricane, northeaster, snow storm is raging, or the new house is being carpeted, painted as we move in.

I get so frustrated when any of these things happen, it is so unfair to your mover and the other people moving. If you give us a heads up, we can go to crisis mode, make calls, move mountains and successfully move you.

Faith can move mountains, for eveything else there is BD Movers (tm)

$70 per hour

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Today I walked into a house where the owner  had beed quoted $70 per hour by an internet company. When they came out the price jumped up. He understandably was not happy.

Lets go through this again, a quote online is worhtless. It is a false leader, a bait and switch, or an out right lie if they quote without seeing your stuff. The reality is a sofa may weight 100lbs or it might be 400lbs, do you know? Neither  do they.  If you get an hourly quote , is it for 2, 3 or 4 men? travel time? packing charges included? driver extra? (not a joke)

$70 sounded too good to be true and it was. Do the math in your head. If we pay each man  x per day, if we allow for a truck expense,  gas and overhead. Still not sure? What would you charge to move your client with a fairly new truck (payments) 3 good guys (not street labor) and make sure you have liability insurance, workers compensation, auto/ cargo insurance.  What do want to make for a days labor?

95% of the moving clients know this, but I can’t help the rant when I am attcked because I can’t match the price of a mover that won’t come to the house, won’t show he has insurance and liability, and will not take responsability for his work.

Other than that, I am I a fine mood today. 😉

Faith can move mountains…for everything else their is BD Movers

Top reasons to hire your movers off a street corner

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To avoid the hassle of hiring a professional mover, you can always hire casual labor.  I can imagine this scenario.

You decide to use street labor rather than a mover. It is much easier. no fuss here,. So you drive by the known corner in your town and pick up the first  3 guys you see John, Harry and Moe. Harry has an interesting tattoos, one of a tear by his eye. and the other is some kind of symbol on his knuckles.  Do not worry about background checks or drug testing. Nice guys, I”m sure your wife will love them too.
Drive them to your old home if the rental truck is there, if not, go pick up the truck at this time. Driver license may be an issue, seems there was a mistake at motor vehicle that all 3 ran into. Oh well, lets leave your car and all pile in the truck together. Cozy. Lets buy everyone breakfast!
We’re loading the truck. John, Moe and Harry need a smoke or coffee break. so what, we have all day! You negotiated a day rate or perhaps  you agreed on “x” per hour, I’m sure they are honorable men and will not question your generosity. Lets buy everyone lunch.

Oops, sorry about the table, it looked real old, trash now.

New house at last, unloading takes place. New house, new walls, new floors, they’ll be careful. It’s taking a little longer than we thought, I guess we all get tired. Lets buy everyone dinner! You may be thinking. “I wish the one with crazy eyes, John,  would stop looking at my daughter” or you may be thinking ” I must be saving a mint!” Moe is talking to you, you respond.  “Yes that is valuable, you have a good eye Moe!”

It’s late and now you drive to return the rental truck. Moe, John and Harry are concerned about the pay, you really did not warn them the work was so hard and the day so long. They all would like cash of course and could you drop them  off at the corner bar?

As you drop off Harry, John and Moe, they promise to drop by and see the place when it’s done. Moe mentions how you really do have a nice sports memorabilia collection. John casually asks if your daughter is seeing anyone.

Faith can move Mountains… for everything else there’s BD Movers (tm)

A Moving Horror Story

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I received this the other day from a lawyer friend, the story (or similar) is familiar to everyone now.

“I represent a couple who moved to Florida without BD Movers. Their furniture was trashed and some items are still missing. The truck that left their house was not the truck that arrived in Florida and when it got there the second moving company wouldn’t even open the doors until they (a) signed a waiver that their stuff was in great condition and (b) coughed up a certified check for an additional $1,200. The company that arrived in Florida has a terrible track record with a lot of consumer complaints similar to these.

We sued the company and right now I am preparing discovery. These guys sound like the kind of bad apples you talk about in your presentations. Can you suggest some things I could inquire into that would help me establish this? ”

Whenever I get these stories I ask myself how they found the mover. Usually it was over the phone/internet, no referrals from friends, the cheapest price. The formula for disaster repeats itself over and over.

To  protect yourself, at a minimum, follow these suggestions.

  • No phone estimates! Insist they come out and do a physical survey. Get the price in writing. Is it a firm price or will it be determined by weight?
  • Who is the carrier? Are they the company that will deliver the furniture? Do they subcontract the work?
  • When will it be delivered? Is that firm or a “window of delivery”?
  • Who are the people loading/unloading? Are they the companies employees or are they “casual labor” that is hired when they get to a new town?

I hope to flesh out other suggestions as this blog evolves.

Have a happy new year!