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Teardowns on LBI

Posted in LBI,Moving,Ocean County,Self Storage by bdmovers on November 1, 2010
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What is the biggest jump in moves at this time of year?  Remodeling and tear-downs on Long Beach Island.  I think we are involved with 30ish moves that have us loading PODS or moving the contents to a local self storage.

Part of our discussion on every job is how many containers will they need or what size unit at storage. Do they need climate control? Does this area of the island flood in storms?

Usually we pack the contents such as lamps, pictures, dishes but we also pack the mattresses and cover all the furniture with paper pads or blankets.

Do they have furniture they want donated? We have contacts at the local charities for that. We are active in “Move for Hunger” and every house gets a collection box for donated food. On moving day we gather it up and deliver it our food banks.

In the spring we are active moving everyone back into the new rebuilt home.

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Jersey Shore Moving Diary

My first estimate was on LBI island for a couple that are tearing down the home they have so they can build a much larger one with views of the ocean. The last 2 years there have not been many doing this, but this fall I’m getting quite a few calls. My job will be to pack up the house, move it to self storage for the winter and then deliver it all back to the new house. I’ m encouraged that some of the “big money” people are getting optimistic about our economy. What was that commercial? When E F Hutting speaks, people listen?

Movers view

BD Moves arrives at the house

My office calls, one person wants to move from Delaware to Delaware, another one has an eviction on Staten Island that has to go a local storage.  We are not licensed in other states for local moves, my office knows this, but they’re curious why people are calling us. I can usually refer a local mover for them. Delaware I blank out on but I know a great NY mover and give them his name.

My next estimate is local. A women about my age is moving into a much smaller place. Her husband has left, and is going through his “thing”. I often hear one side of the situation when I am in the house and I always believe the one in front of me. Lately I’m hearing this type of story a lot. I really don’t care who was right or wrong, but when you have children and the house is being foreclosed, they are being evicted, and the kids are losing everything. Why do this to your kids? Hate him or her but take care of the kids. Rant over.

Do we move shopping carts?

An interesting call, can we move 15 shopping carts from one store to another? and then back in 2 days? Sure, why? They are filming something and need them for 24 hours.

My next is a repeat customer that bought a sofa that the store couldn’t deliver to the room she wanted it in. I go out to look it over. It will be tight, but really all we need to do is remove a light fixture at the stair landing and it should go. We schedule a date my crew will be in the area.

I love this idea, my next appointment wants to make an offer on a house. He knows the older women is getting a lot of interest and offers so… his contract offer includes paying for local moving cost. His offer will really stand out and she has one less thing to worry about. Clever.

BD Movers apartment move

3rd floor walk up for BD Movers

I stop by a job in progress to see how things are going. My luck, a 3rd floor walk up. I help the guys unload the last of it and set up the beds. We walk room by room to make sure everything is placed where they want it. My legs are a little shaky and I was there less than an hour, how do these guys do this everyday?

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

Why is my move more expensive than…

Often people want to compare moving prices with their friends, family, well… everyone. Why did Mrs Smith pay

Happy client with NJ movers, BD Movers

Cindy and the moving men on move-in day

more than Mrs Clark when they both had a 3 bedroom house to move?

Every house is not filled equally, you may have a modest bedroom set and they may have a set made for giants.

Are you a one table top TV family or 5 sets with surround sound?

Are you moving the appliances or leaving them?

Do you collect tea cups and have 3 china cabinets filled with them or are you a 4 piece place setting person?

The average home has 100-125 boxes, are you above average? (you should have said yes here)

Are your kids under 5 and have every toy a grandparent can buy them? Or are they older with a xbox and laptop for toys?

Do you live on the 3rd floor of a walk up apartment? You will pay more than the 2nd floor or 1st floor clients. Why? it just takes so much longer to move the same stuff.

Did your friend do their own packing and do want the movers to pack everything?

Are you moving 1 block or to the next county? Are you moving to the Jersey Shore on a weekend in summer (with traffic backed up for miles) or are you moving in March when the roads are free of traffic?

You are unique, celebrate it, and pay the piper his due. 😉

Ultimately, your mover is charging by how long the job will take on local moves or they are charging by weight on long-distance moves (with extra charges for things that take extra time like long carry’s or flights of stairs)

You are in control , only hire a mover to do what makes sense for your budget and ability.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

Partnership with your NJ Moving Company

Posted in Moving by bdmovers on June 21, 2010
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NJ Moving company with happy customers

Jersey Shore movers, BD Movers, with happy clients

Instead of hiring your mover, why not partner with them?  You share common goals,( a great move), and you want a reputable mover as much as they want reputable clients. So my suggestion is to approach your estimates as a “win/win” .

The sales team wants to sell, you want to do this a cheaply as possible, and the owner wants repeat business. He or she knows that a happy client is one that spent what they could afford and received what they purchased.

I have been in homes where the client attacks, ” this is the lowest estimate so far, you must beat it for the work”  Do you work for the employer that pays you the least?  Or they may say ” John’s price is “x” will you match it?”  You are asking me to match the price of someone you don’t want to do business with, does that seem fair?

My approach to a job is I don’t want you to pay 1 cent more than you should, but  I should be paid every dollar I earned.

So when your estimator comes to the house, apartment, or business, explore your options. If you can do the packing, don’t hire us to do that. If you can move the boxes, don’t hire us for that. If you are really “can do” take the beds apart, disconnect the appliances, remove railings or doors if they are hindrances.  If you have a budget, let them know and they can create a menu of choices that you can  choose the most appetizing from.

Think of a job interview you had, did you want the job when they did not honor your skill and professionalism?

I truly believe you will be much happier and receive more that you bargained for on moving day when you partner with your mover.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

Moving testimonials for New Jersey Movers

Posted in Moving,Ocean County,Senior moves by bdmovers on May 27, 2010
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This is short and sweet, does your moving company supply testimonials?

New Jersey Movers, BD Movers, picture of pleased customers on moving day

Happy clients of BD Movers

You know, people they have moved?

Or people that would recommend them?

They should.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

Do it yourself moving?

Posted in Moving,Self Storage by bdmovers on April 11, 2010
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Congratulations! Your house has sold and you have rented a self storage unit until the new house is ready, but for some reason you decided to move it yourself and pack the unit yourself. I would suggest a better way. Hire a mover to move for you and have them pack the storage unit for you.

  • First we know a reputable mover will move it in a fraction of the time it would take you.
  • They will most likely move it in one truck load, not 2, 3, or 4 and they will pad all the furniture
  • They will make best use of the space you have at the storage. Again, one unit instead of 2 or 3
  • They will provide you with either heavy paper pads or storage pads while you are storing.
  • They do this everyday, you do not.

So, if you look at it from a time factor, your time vs theirs, you save.

If you look at it from a efficiency point of view, trucks rented plus storage units rented vs one truck and 1 storage unit, you save.

If you look at from sore muscles and frayed nerves, you win by going with the mover.

Of course I want you interview the movers first and only hire licensed, reputable movers. Otherwise you may waste more money than you save.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

How to bid a moving job

I get requests for a moving quote from businesses and offices that are not asking the right questions.
The request will sometimes ask for a price per man, per box, per truck, etc. I really want to scream. I know they think they are being so exact, that they will get the best deal.
Sorry, you have lost sight of what you really want from a NJ mover. In it’s simplest form, you want a price to move from a to b. That is want I want ot bid on. Why would you care if I use 10 men or 20 men? 3 trucks or 10? You want to move at a reasonable price, and you need to move over “x” days. I can bid on that without the tiny details. If I hire someone to build my house, I don’t ask about hammers and nails. What is the project cost? Simple.
I recently lost a bid because we spoke different languages. They were moving a large office but did not know how many people would be moved or how many stations. They wanted a per man, etc breakdown. I hate those estimates, because it is so open ended. Instead, I priced it per office station. That way I knew what I was getting into and they knew their total cost without “timing me” or counting heads, trucks, and or watching a clock. Because it did not fit their idea of how to measure it, they went with another NJ moving company. When it was done, it cost more than they thought it would because they asked for the wrong thing. They should have defined their goals and asked for solutions. Any mover (or street corner) can provide men but a professional will provide the solution. Are you asking the right question?

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers(tm)


Moving requests over the years

These are some of the true requests (in spirit if not in word) I have gotten over the years:

  • Can you move the aquarium with water and fish? No
  • Can I leave the food in my refrigerator and freezer? No
  • Can I leave the clothes in the dressers? Yes
  • Can you move my mother before the ambulance comes? NO!
  • Can I help load the truck? No, you can’t come on the truck but you can move your furniture and boxes to the driveway if you want.
  • Can I drive with you? No
  • Can you move my pets in the truck? no
  • How about my plants? Usually no, but if there is floor space and we are moving a short distance, OK
  • Do I have to pack in boxes, can I use trash bags? OK for soft items like blankets, not OK for lamps.
  • Are you married and would you like to meet my granddaughter? Yes and No
  • Can I leave my items on the truck till I close on the other house? Yes if it’s overnight, no if it’s longer.
  • part 2 of that question is why? Because once your stuff is on my truck, I am out of work.
  • part 3 of that question is but so and so mover will let me. He must have not work for his trucks and you might ask why that is. (January and February are the exceptions to this answer, all movers have trucks that can store for a day or two)
  • Can you stop at my brothers, storage, or ex-wife’s? Yes
  • Will you move gas, oil, propane, chemicals or my foul, putrid compost bin? NO

What is your moving request?

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers

International Moves, 5 things to remember

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OK, you decided to move to Lithuania or Egypt (both moves we are doing right now) Maybe you ordered the overseas container yourself and are getting anxious to take the next step. Here’s what you need to to remember.

  • 1. Call the embassy or your forwarder and get a fact sheet on the country you’re moving to. They may have restrictions on what you can take. Some countries are very concerned about books, video tapes, and media coming into the country. I won’t point fingers, you can probably guess which ones, but every country has their quirks. Respect them and you avoid a world of trouble.
  • 2.Make a complete inventory of what you are taking. You will need a list for customs that should include all your furniture, appliances, and cartons. You must list what is in the boxes also. If the new country speaks Lithuanian, give us a copy in that language also. Make multiple copies. I like to have one in the container taped to the last bulkhead we build.
  • 3.Check out what appliances will work overseas. Electrical current is different around the world, your TV and toaster may be paperweights over there. By the way, video formats can be different also.
  • 4. Check transit times. Some countries are harder to get to. Some go through a yearly season of strikes, others may be in or close to war zones. If you are over there waiting, have clothes for that climate.
  • 5. Set up bank accounts, credit card, etc before you get there. You may need money readily available.
  • 6. bonus – hire a mover experienced with overseas moves to help you, the learning curve is steep.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers.


It’s Spring so movers are in the news

I always meet spring with mixed emotions. For movers it means the phones will start to ring a little more, people will be moving more, remodeling and construction means I’ll be moving people into storage or PODS more. But I also know the news stations and papers will have their yearly report on “bad movers” The reports are mostly welcome.They report  what I report all the time here. Some though, will focus on the scams and paint a picture of my industry as all bad.
We all know my company is unique, but I have to admit that most of the movers in my area are good also. We are mostly guys just trying to pay our bills. We all live in the towns we service, our kids go to the local schools. We do not want a confrontation at the WAWA or at school plays because we stole, damaged or did anything wrong. I want to walk these streets and have only friends where I go. I think most movers are the same.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers (TM)

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