Teardowns on LBI

What is the biggest jump in moves at this time of year?  Remodeling and tear-downs on Long Beach Island.  I think we are involved with 30ish moves that have us loading PODS or moving the contents to a local self storage. Part of our discussion on every job is how many containers will they need … Continue reading Teardowns on LBI

Jersey Shore Moving Diary

My first estimate was on LBI island for a couple that are tearing down the home they have so they can build a much larger one with views of the ocean. The last 2 years there have not been many doing this, but this fall I’m getting quite a few calls. My job will be … Continue reading Jersey Shore Moving Diary

Partnership with your NJ Moving Company

Instead of hiring your mover, why not partner with them?  You share common goals,( a great move), and you want a reputable mover as much as they want reputable clients. So my suggestion is to approach your estimates as a “win/win” . The sales team wants to sell, you want to do this a cheaply … Continue reading Partnership with your NJ Moving Company

Do it yourself moving?

Congratulations! Your house has sold and you have rented a self storage unit until the new house is ready, but for some reason you decided to move it yourself and pack the unit yourself. I would suggest a better way. Hire a mover to move for you and have them pack the storage unit for … Continue reading Do it yourself moving?

How to bid a moving job

I get requests for a moving quote from businesses and offices that are not asking the right questions. The request will sometimes ask for a price per man, per box, per truck, etc. I really want to scream. I know they think they are being so exact, that they will get the best deal. Sorry, … Continue reading How to bid a moving job