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NJ Mover, BD Movers, uses innovative crating to speed moves

Posted in Moving,Packing by bdmovers on January 16, 2012
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We recently invested in these crates to speed up moves. We load Flat Screens, pictures, and mirrors in a fraction of the time yet move safely than in cardboard boxes. Win – Win for the client and us.

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I met your neighbor, you should move!

Posted in Moving by bdmovers on December 21, 2011
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The other day I was doing estimates in a gated community.

very tight parking

The street only had tight parking

Parking was tight and I had to park on the street a little down from my clients house. A neighbor was out their door before I could lock up complaining I was in the spot she leaves open for HER guests.  OK, I’ll move

The estimate went fine, a nice older guy. As I was leaving, another neighbor came out to find out where this guy was moving too?, when?, did I know about the kids and how lousy they were?, etc. I got away from him as quickly as I could.




As I was driving away, a new tagline came to me. “I met your neighbor, you should move!”

Shirts for moving men

I met your neighbor, you should move!










Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!

Jersey Shore Moving Diary

My first estimate was on LBI island for a couple that are tearing down the home they have so they can build a much larger one with views of the ocean. The last 2 years there have not been many doing this, but this fall I’m getting quite a few calls. My job will be to pack up the house, move it to self storage for the winter and then deliver it all back to the new house. I’ m encouraged that some of the “big money” people are getting optimistic about our economy. What was that commercial? When E F Hutting speaks, people listen?

Movers view

BD Moves arrives at the house

My office calls, one person wants to move from Delaware to Delaware, another one has an eviction on Staten Island that has to go a local storage.  We are not licensed in other states for local moves, my office knows this, but they’re curious why people are calling us. I can usually refer a local mover for them. Delaware I blank out on but I know a great NY mover and give them his name.

My next estimate is local. A women about my age is moving into a much smaller place. Her husband has left, and is going through his “thing”. I often hear one side of the situation when I am in the house and I always believe the one in front of me. Lately I’m hearing this type of story a lot. I really don’t care who was right or wrong, but when you have children and the house is being foreclosed, they are being evicted, and the kids are losing everything. Why do this to your kids? Hate him or her but take care of the kids. Rant over.

Do we move shopping carts?

An interesting call, can we move 15 shopping carts from one store to another? and then back in 2 days? Sure, why? They are filming something and need them for 24 hours.

My next is a repeat customer that bought a sofa that the store couldn’t deliver to the room she wanted it in. I go out to look it over. It will be tight, but really all we need to do is remove a light fixture at the stair landing and it should go. We schedule a date my crew will be in the area.

I love this idea, my next appointment wants to make an offer on a house. He knows the older women is getting a lot of interest and offers so… his contract offer includes paying for local moving cost. His offer will really stand out and she has one less thing to worry about. Clever.

BD Movers apartment move

3rd floor walk up for BD Movers

I stop by a job in progress to see how things are going. My luck, a 3rd floor walk up. I help the guys unload the last of it and set up the beds. We walk room by room to make sure everything is placed where they want it. My legs are a little shaky and I was there less than an hour, how do these guys do this everyday?

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

Boston College Move – Money Saved?

Posted in Interstate moving,Moving by bdmovers on September 3, 2010
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We recently did a move for a college graduate now going to grad school, my daughter, and I planned to stay the weekend helping and enjoying Boston with her and my family. The move started in NJ and ended at an apartment building in the center of a gazillion colleges. The streets were filled with PODS, UHauls, Pickup and trailers, and of course , moving vans. On any given street there may have been 4 or 5 people moving in.

College movers, BD Movers

Happy Grad students with BD Movers on Moving day

My observations:

All the movers showed up with dollies and handtrucks. They were done in 1 to 2 hours. I noticed Flat Rate Movers appeared to be very professional

The UHauls usually had young student types moving the furniture. They used no equipment, no blankets and seemed to be there all day.

The other UHaulers were obviously moving companies that had hired extra trucks and men to handle the busy weekend. In general I was not impressed. They had some equipment but did not use it properly. One crew had a strong alcohol smell as I walked by. I did see one crew that was excellent, and made quick work of their job. (if they had worn their moving shirts or signed the truck I would have given them a link here)

The Pickup people were very harried. They were doubled parked on the road, the loading process was time-consuming and rarely did I see anyone tying off the load. It looked like damages were most likely. Multiple trips were obviously being made.

The PODS were there all weekend, slowly being filled. Again I noticed no equipment , blankets or any effort to tie things securely to the walls.

If I had to guess the return on investment for the moving clients, I think a good mover would be the best choice. I  don’t know how you value your time, but a few hours vs all day. Little or no damage vs splinters. Smiling faces vs scowls.

By the way, my daughter was moved into the 5th floor of her apartment in about 1.5 hours. The rest of the day we helped hang pictures, curtains and unpack. That evening we enjoyed a great Italian restaurant. The next day we bought a few things for the apartment and had the whole day to walk around site seeing (the Public Gardens are amazing) We finished the evening at a small restaurant in Beacon Hill. On Sunday my wife and I had breakfast with our daughter before we left.

Just asking – Is that how your last college move went?

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

A day in the life of a New Jersey Mover

I picked a day at random, not an average day but surely not an atypical day.  I own BD Movers, but my job day to day is  usually  handling the estimates that come in.

NJ Moving Man, Tony starts off with coffee

NJ Moving Man, Tony starts off with coffee

Work usually starts around 630 in the office but today it starts on the road.

The first estimate was in Ocean Grove NJ at 730. Ocean Grove is an old Victorian town founded by the Methodist. It has kept its charm. My client is moving out to a beautiful  new house about 45 minutes away, more suburban.

NJ Mover, at first estimate in Ocean Grove NJ

NJ Mover, at first estimate in Ocean Grove NJ

Street view in Ocean Grove for NJ Moving Moving Company, BD Movers

Street view in Ocean Grove for NJ Moving Moving Company, BD Movers

We started talking about his previous moves. One mover held his furniture ransom after loading the truck and refusing to finish the job without more money. Cops came. 3 years of legal battles. The last mover did some damage and did not own up and fix it. Hence me, number three.  Our policy is to never fire a mover that makes a mistake but rather fire them if they hide a mistake. Big difference.

He is moving because the neighbors are difficult. He loves the location, but the it’s just no fun being there.

Eatontown Mover, BD Movers, onto his senior move estimate

Eatontown Mover, BD Movers, onto his senior move estimate

My next estimate is in Eatontown NJ. This client is moving into assisted living. We are working with a Senior Move manager. Her job is to help them comfortably handle this move. She has done most of the packing, organizing and making arrangements for movers, cleaners and an auctioneer. Our job will be to finish some of the packing, move them, make sure everything is set up again and properly reassembled. Her husband has dementia and his health requires that they find a place that can meet their changing needs.

While I’m there I learn the husband is retired from army and is himself from a long line of military men. The pictures on the wall of a family farm gets her talking of the dairy business the family has in Pennsylvania.  I really like her.

NJ Moving Co, BD Movers, on estimate at a Jackson NJ assisted living facility

NJ Moving Co, BD Movers, on estimate at a Jackson NJ assisted living facility

The next estimate for moving is in Jackson NJ. I am meeting the niece to help pack and move some antiques to self storage till the family figures out what they want to keep.  Our job is to pack the antique lamps, vases, dishes and some pedestals with statues. Some are from the 1800’s and will require some extra care. Our packing crew will go out the day before the move so that everything is ready for the next morning. I hate packing the same day as moving. I find it to be more stressful on the client. ( You hire a mover to make your life easier!)

PA to NJ moving company, BD Movers heads out to give an estimate for moving

PA to NJ moving company, BD Movers heads out to give an estimate for moving

The next estimate is in Coppersburg  PA.  This client is moving to the Jersey Shore. Most movers would not go out to estimate this job because of the distance. This is a referral from another client we moved. I like to see the job so we both know what is required. Who is packing for instance. This way we both agree exactly on what is being moved.

This one is a little emotional for everyone. It’s a divorce. The guy is being very business like, no nonsense. She is obviously trying not to cry.

Our job will be to move him to the Jersey Shore. I know the men I want on the job already because I know they will be gentle with the family and furniture. We will put his stuff into a self storage area he has chosen and move it out to the final destination when he is ready. I’ve helped him decide on the size storage unit he’ll need and we’ll bring paper pads to protect his furniture while its in storage.

Another view of the farm for interstate moving co, BD Movers

Another view of the farm for interstate moving co, BD Movers

View of the farm for PA to NJ, interstate moving co, BD Movers

View of the farm for PA to NJ, interstate moving co, BD Movers

End of the work day for New Jersey Moving Co, BD Movers

End of the work day for New Jersey Moving Co, BD Movers

Total mileage was just under 300 miles.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

Hiring a New Jersey Mover and what are the added costs?

Posted in Barnegat,Moving,moving scams by bdmovers on July 30, 2010
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You are interviewing your NJ Moving company and want to know what could change the price. Here is the potential add on list.

Travel time is the cost of a mover getting to you and back to their warehouse. This is in additional to your hourly

Barnegat Moving company, BD Movers and a happy client

BD Movers, Barnegat moving company, and their smiling customer

move. Some movers may add a nominal fee for this and some add quite a bit. If you are in Cape May and you hire a mover from Hoboken expect lots of travel time.

If you don’t finish the packing;  lamps, pictures, dishes, etc, the mover will and they will charge for that service.  This can be a substantial cost. Be clear with your mover at the time of the estimate on what you will pack and they will pack.

Change of order. You added items or you changed the conditions of the move. For instance, you did not sell the living room set and now it goes, or the movers get to the new house and find it is an apartment with a tiny elevator instead the ranch home they expected.

Some companies charge for tolls.

Some will charge for equipment. Normal use of a hand-truck or dolly is usually included. Piano equipment or hoisting may not be.

Some charge for blankets. It is legal if its in the their tariff, but I think it’s unfair. Does a carpenter charge for his hammer? I should have available to me all the tools that make me a professional.

Some charge for tape. A scam but legal if it’s in their tariff. They use rolls and rolls of it when they put blankets on the furniture.

Never legal are things like a mandatory tip, lunch money or a charge for gas for the trucks.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm) your firm price moving company.

Partnership with your NJ Moving Company

Posted in Moving by bdmovers on June 21, 2010
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NJ Moving company with happy customers

Jersey Shore movers, BD Movers, with happy clients

Instead of hiring your mover, why not partner with them?  You share common goals,( a great move), and you want a reputable mover as much as they want reputable clients. So my suggestion is to approach your estimates as a “win/win” .

The sales team wants to sell, you want to do this a cheaply as possible, and the owner wants repeat business. He or she knows that a happy client is one that spent what they could afford and received what they purchased.

I have been in homes where the client attacks, ” this is the lowest estimate so far, you must beat it for the work”  Do you work for the employer that pays you the least?  Or they may say ” John’s price is “x” will you match it?”  You are asking me to match the price of someone you don’t want to do business with, does that seem fair?

My approach to a job is I don’t want you to pay 1 cent more than you should, but  I should be paid every dollar I earned.

So when your estimator comes to the house, apartment, or business, explore your options. If you can do the packing, don’t hire us to do that. If you can move the boxes, don’t hire us for that. If you are really “can do” take the beds apart, disconnect the appliances, remove railings or doors if they are hindrances.  If you have a budget, let them know and they can create a menu of choices that you can  choose the most appetizing from.

Think of a job interview you had, did you want the job when they did not honor your skill and professionalism?

I truly believe you will be much happier and receive more that you bargained for on moving day when you partner with your mover.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

Disappointing NJ Movers

Happy NJ moving client at the end her move

Pleased BD Movers customer

I know its summer by the calls my office gets almost everyday.

  • My mover did not show up, are you available? When we question the client a little we find the mover was hired by email or over the phone and never came out.
  • My mover called and he can’t make the agreed moving date, can you? Most reputable movers will honor the moving date, you have a closing don’t you? You must be out. Again we find the mover did not come out and they have no paperwork stating agreed on dates.
  • You gave me an estimate 2 months ago, I want to move tomorrow.  Sorry, all movers need as much time as you can give them. I may be open tomorrow but it will be unlikely.
  • I want to move on the 30th, but everyone is booked!  The 30th and 15th are the most popular dates for closings (and moving) because the math is much easier for taxes and utilities.  Try to pick the 18th or 23rd and you will have better luck.
  • My closing is delayed, can you hold the furniture for a week? Sorry, no. We are moving people everyday and we need the truck you would like us to hold for you. Imagine a carpenter lending his hammer, he is unable to work til it’s returned.  I can move you into a self storage and then move you out when the new house closing takes place.
  • I have a quote of “x”, why is this mover so much cheaper that everyone else?  I don’t know, but you should be asking, what is their reputation? are they licensed and carry insurance? are they listed with the BBB? If all things are equal and they looked you in the eye and said “x” then why not hire them?

Summary – make your mover come out, check them out thouroughly and book early.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers(tm)

Moving and deposits

nj movers logoWe ask for deposits when you book a move.  Why?

We do so because we are reserving a truck and crew just for your job, I am now refusing other work on that day. I have committed a very large part of my fleet, and man power. Your deposit seals the deal. It does not mean I do not trust you, or that I suspect you are a deadbeat. Did you realize many people call to book moves but have no intention of using the mover? They wanted a safety-net in case they could not do it themselves, family did not show up, the rental truck was not there….

There should be some comfort on your part because you now have a “contracted date” with your mover, not just a verbal commitment.

Every day we get calls from people telling us the mover did not show up. Did the mover trade up to a larger or easier move? Did they overbook hoping someone would cancel? It happens in this industry.

The deposit means I will move you and you want me as your mover. The deposit is returnable if the date changes or you change your mind, just let me know in advance.  That’s fair and respectful on both our parts.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers! ™

Moving in New Jersey

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I don’t know about other states but in New Jersey some items are pretty typical to have to move on moving day.

Flat screen TV’s. Most houses have at least one and many have 3 or more. We need to box these in special crates made just for flat screens. We use a cardboard with very thick walls and foam packing. Its cheaper than a wooden crate and saves our clients a few dollars.

Leather sofa’s and chairs. Very common, we shrink-wrap the upholstery and blanket wrap it also.

Joseph, Mary and St Joseph. Very common. We usually wrap them in burlap and movers quilts. Some, like the marble ones, are also boxed.

Marble and glass. Many clients have marble dining room tables or thick glass table tops. Crating is the best option. We blanket wrap and place these in a plywood crate. Sometimes we can save the customer a few dollars if we have an old crate the right size in the warehouse.

Formica Bedrooms and Dining rooms. I hate these! They are so heavy and the edges can be brittle. We blanket wrap and shrink-wrap these. The tricky part is removing the blanket or shrink-wrap because they can grab an edge and pop loose the laminate.

Hot Tubs. Lots of homes have them. The problem is age and access. If it is old the wood sides can splinter or crush. If it is in the back yard, we may have to remove fences and create a plywood walk way. If it to large it won’t fit in our trucks.

Appliances, the huge ones. Front end washers need special care, they should be locked for moving. All appliances need to be disconnected, some times by professionals. Think gas lines or water lines in a vacant house that are not capped off.

A friend of mine moves furniture in Florida, he says its all wicker and rattan. I may think of relocating my moving company….

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

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