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I met your neighbor, you should move!

Posted in Moving by bdmovers on December 21, 2011
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The other day I was doing estimates in a gated community.

very tight parking

The street only had tight parking

Parking was tight and I had to park on the street a little down from my clients house. A neighbor was out their door before I could lock up complaining I was in the spot she leaves open for HER guests.  OK, I’ll move

The estimate went fine, a nice older guy. As I was leaving, another neighbor came out to find out where this guy was moving too?, when?, did I know about the kids and how lousy they were?, etc. I got away from him as quickly as I could.




As I was driving away, a new tagline came to me. “I met your neighbor, you should move!”

Shirts for moving men

I met your neighbor, you should move!










Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!


New Jersey Movers Diary

The other day I had an astonishing range of estimates for my company

My first estimate was for a senior moving from the Jersey Shore to be with her daughter in Pennsylvania, both of them were a little (a lot) overwhelmed with the move. Mom had acquired quite a lot of stuff and was hesitant about getting ride of any of it. Thank god the daughters were involved or this would be a fiasco.

A Senior move in Tuckerton NJ

My next client was moving from Toms River into an assisted living facility, for her we will do all the packing along with the move.  Her arthritis has gotten so bad she is starting to need help with cooking and she lives alone. I am constantly amazed at the strength some people show when things are rough. I hope I have the same grace as I get older.

Commercial stove to be moved

From there I went to the Seaside Park area of the Jersey Shore to estimate moving a restaurant. The summer did not pan out quite like they had hoped and they were moving everything into storage, moving all the tables, chairs,  the stoves, ovens and refrigerators. Commercial equipment is much larger and heavier than a household move, so we bring special dollies and hand trucks. I measure the doors to see if any need to come off.  We discuss who is disconnecting the gas and water connections. Often we suggest a bug bomb at storage “just in case”. This looks pretty clean and I expect no problems.

A prior client has called me to give their synagogue an estimate. Everyone is quite excited to be moving into the new place.  There will be a ceremony where they symbolically walk from one to the other carrying the religious scrolls.  We  will move the school and offices. I will be on this job! I already picked up a Mezuzah for them.

Moving on Long Beach Island

My next estimate is a re-estimate. My client has called and is concerned that everything may not fit into his self storage, “could I come out and look one more time”?  I always walk through the house as if I had never been there before so I can be sure of what has changed. There will be no problem with the move. I end up staying longer than I should so they are comfortable with everything we will do on moving day.

My last estimate of the day is on Long Beach Island. They are selling the house and moving inland and then to Florida. The house has been in the family for quite awhile and there are some mixed felling about the move. The taxes are getting beyond what they can afford, but they love the place.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers! ™

Jersey Shore Moving Diary

My first estimate was on LBI island for a couple that are tearing down the home they have so they can build a much larger one with views of the ocean. The last 2 years there have not been many doing this, but this fall I’m getting quite a few calls. My job will be to pack up the house, move it to self storage for the winter and then deliver it all back to the new house. I’ m encouraged that some of the “big money” people are getting optimistic about our economy. What was that commercial? When E F Hutting speaks, people listen?

Movers view

BD Moves arrives at the house

My office calls, one person wants to move from Delaware to Delaware, another one has an eviction on Staten Island that has to go a local storage.  We are not licensed in other states for local moves, my office knows this, but they’re curious why people are calling us. I can usually refer a local mover for them. Delaware I blank out on but I know a great NY mover and give them his name.

My next estimate is local. A women about my age is moving into a much smaller place. Her husband has left, and is going through his “thing”. I often hear one side of the situation when I am in the house and I always believe the one in front of me. Lately I’m hearing this type of story a lot. I really don’t care who was right or wrong, but when you have children and the house is being foreclosed, they are being evicted, and the kids are losing everything. Why do this to your kids? Hate him or her but take care of the kids. Rant over.

Do we move shopping carts?

An interesting call, can we move 15 shopping carts from one store to another? and then back in 2 days? Sure, why? They are filming something and need them for 24 hours.

My next is a repeat customer that bought a sofa that the store couldn’t deliver to the room she wanted it in. I go out to look it over. It will be tight, but really all we need to do is remove a light fixture at the stair landing and it should go. We schedule a date my crew will be in the area.

I love this idea, my next appointment wants to make an offer on a house. He knows the older women is getting a lot of interest and offers so… his contract offer includes paying for local moving cost. His offer will really stand out and she has one less thing to worry about. Clever.

BD Movers apartment move

3rd floor walk up for BD Movers

I stop by a job in progress to see how things are going. My luck, a 3rd floor walk up. I help the guys unload the last of it and set up the beds. We walk room by room to make sure everything is placed where they want it. My legs are a little shaky and I was there less than an hour, how do these guys do this everyday?

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

Moving in New Jersey

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I don’t know about other states but in New Jersey some items are pretty typical to have to move on moving day.

Flat screen TV’s. Most houses have at least one and many have 3 or more. We need to box these in special crates made just for flat screens. We use a cardboard with very thick walls and foam packing. Its cheaper than a wooden crate and saves our clients a few dollars.

Leather sofa’s and chairs. Very common, we shrink-wrap the upholstery and blanket wrap it also.

Joseph, Mary and St Joseph. Very common. We usually wrap them in burlap and movers quilts. Some, like the marble ones, are also boxed.

Marble and glass. Many clients have marble dining room tables or thick glass table tops. Crating is the best option. We blanket wrap and place these in a plywood crate. Sometimes we can save the customer a few dollars if we have an old crate the right size in the warehouse.

Formica Bedrooms and Dining rooms. I hate these! They are so heavy and the edges can be brittle. We blanket wrap and shrink-wrap these. The tricky part is removing the blanket or shrink-wrap because they can grab an edge and pop loose the laminate.

Hot Tubs. Lots of homes have them. The problem is age and access. If it is old the wood sides can splinter or crush. If it is in the back yard, we may have to remove fences and create a plywood walk way. If it to large it won’t fit in our trucks.

Appliances, the huge ones. Front end washers need special care, they should be locked for moving. All appliances need to be disconnected, some times by professionals. Think gas lines or water lines in a vacant house that are not capped off.

A friend of mine moves furniture in Florida, he says its all wicker and rattan. I may think of relocating my moving company….

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

Moving phone estimate

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I recently had a phone call that went like this:
My mover just called and said they can’t move me, can you help?
Yes I can, Where do you live? I need to come out and see what you have so I can give you an estimate.
The other mover didn’t.  What do you charge to move a small house – they said 4 hours.
I want to see it, and I can tell you. It is the law in New Jersey to protect the consumer, so, when can I come out?
I don’t want an in house estimate, I just want a price.
I understand it may not be convenient, but the last mover never took the time to take responsibility for your move. I want to so there are no surprises, and no problems on the day of your move.
Never mind then, I’ll someone else.

Plenty of movers will take this job without looking at it. Why?  Because the customer has invited them to charge whatever they want on moving day. Make us take responsibility for your move.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers! ™

Household Moving NJ

You need to move and you are working your plan to find your moving company. Here are your choices,

  • Phone book – possibly a hundred movers are listed in your phone book. You know none of them but recognize a few names. The problem – you know none of them.
  • Internet List – lots of choices here also. The problem – anyone (almost) can list themselves as movers here. Is it a couple of  guys and a pickup or is it a moving company with insurance?
  • Internet “find a mover” sites. There are thousands of movers here! Some sites are very good and reputable. The problem – Who is a mover and who is a broker? The site sells the leads to movers, so often the mover with the largest budget gets the lead.
  • “Google” search for movers. Actually not a bad choice if you search on a locality and check to see where the company is based. The problem – many movers use keywords in their websites that make them appear to be in Toms River NJ,  but they are really 100 miles away.
  • Mover associations like the New Jersey Warehouse and Movers Association. I like this a lot. The members are licensed for the state you searched in. They more than likely signed a “code of ethics”. They are committed (presumably) to learning more about their industry and improving it. The problem – no problem.
  • The BBB. Many companies are listed here, and the BBB give them a rating based on complaints. I like it! The problem – some excellent movers are not listed if they did not join the BBB.
  • The chamber of commerce. Good thinking. The members are local, they are active in the community and may have agreed to a code of ethics there as well. The problem – not every company joins, and lousy companies can join if they pony up the dues each year. In reality though, I rarely find that to be the case.
  • Ask around. This should be part of the equation. You will hear of the bad experiences quickly, that should weed out the worst companies and guide you to a couple of good ones.

If you put it all together, you should be checking out the state movers associations, check out the local chamber, asking around and checking with the BBB. If your mover is showing up in most of those places, you probably have found a good choice for your move.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else call us! ™