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Frequently asked questions when hiring a mover

Posted in Moving by bdmovers on January 22, 2013
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questions for your mover

Wondering what to expect on moving day?

Guidelines we share at BD Movers.

What do I need to do on moving day?

If you are doing the packing, finish the packing and have all boxes sealed and labeled.  Remember that lamps, shades and pictures all need to be put in boxes as well. We can pack those if needed, just let us know the day before so we can bring the proper packing materials.

Any money, jewelry or important documents should be moved in your car. We cannot move these items.

Strip the beds and pack the sheets, pillows and blankets (If you need last minute boxes let us know the morning before your move). Empty and disconnect all the appliances such as the refrigerator, washer, and dryer. Have your Flat screens disconnected and off the wall. If you still have the original box, have that ready for us. If you are unable to pack it yourself, let us know, we have TV crates available.

Cribs must be disassembled by the owner; our liability will not cover dis-assembly/assembly of cribs

Weight sets, Universal gyms, treadmills, etc. must be broken down to sizes we can carry and fit through doors.

Shed or garage items should be organized into what goes and what stays. Tools do need to be packed. Large tools like table saws should have the motor secured and the blades removed and packed. Any sharp tools should have the blades removed or covered in cardboard to protect your furniture and your movers.

Hot tubs have to be drained and disconnected.

Gasoline and similar products should be drained from lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc.

We cannot move propane tanks but are more than happy to disconnect them and place them in your car.

Gun cabinets and safes, must be empty. You must move your guns and ammunition.

Items in the attic should already be brought down, unless it is a walk up attic and flooring in place.


How is payment made?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, bank checks, money orders and cash. If you want to pay by credit card, please call our office to arrange this, keep in mind we are not in the office on weekends. Why the hassle? For your security we want to protect your credit information, so …one place and no extra eyes.

Should I tip the movers and how much?

Tips are not required but are much appreciated by your movers. On a local job, most customers are tipping

Tipping on moving day

Should you tip the movers and how much?

$20-$30 per

mover. On a long distance job, you have movers that typically are there to help load and the driver and possibly a couple of other actually deliver your items. Tip the helpers as you would a local move and save a few extra dollars for the crew that delivers.

Can I ride with the movers?


Will the movers arrange my furniture?

Yes, everything will be placed where you tell us, and boxes will be placed in the appropriate rooms.

Will they set up the beds and attach mirrors to dressers?

Yes they will, but there are conditions. If we did not take it apart, we will make every effort to assemble it, but no guarantees if there are parts missing. Sometimes we find the bolts or screws have been stripped and are unsafe to use again.

I have a huge appliance, cabinet or ‘thing’ that needed extra workers, cranes, or special tools to get into the house. Will you move that?

Please call us so we can figure out the best solution, please do not surprise us.

What else should I be aware of?

moving day pictures

Photo Testimonial

The movers may ask for your cell phone number so they can call when they’re getting close to the off load.

The movers may ask if they can have a picture of you alongside them. This is for our photo testimonial album, we love to see our happy customers and it gives your movers the recognition they deserve!

The movers work for BD Movers. If they were to accept a job ‘on the side’, they would be fired.

All our workers have been in my home, I trust them in yours as well. Thank you and have a great move!

Tony Baumer, Owner

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)


I want to move now!

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I want to move NOW!

I want to move NOW!

Years ago, in less crazy times, people would call and say, “I need to move in 8 weeks, can I have an estimate?”  If they called and needed to move quickly, red flags went up.  You’re moving and it just occured to you?

Now we get calls “I need to move tomorrow” or “I need to move this weekend” . Life has changed. This is the new normal.  Closings are scheduled last minute, mortgage agreements are no longer a quick and easy thing and we get the commitment last minute. Our poor realtors are juggling paperwork and phone calls, trying desperately to make it happen. People really do have to move last minute and they really did “just find out”.

What does that mean for movers? Our schedule is often filling up last minute. We are having trouble hanging on to good employees because the calendar is so erratic.

What does it mean to our clients? They may not be able to hire their first choice of movers. They may have trouble finding a good mover, period.

Can anything be done? Call your mover as far in advance as possible. When we know exactly what you have, we are better able to fit it into the schedule.

Check with your realtor, they may have a relationship with a mover. We have some great relationships with different realty agency’s and I try to move heaven and earth for their clients.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

My phone estimate for moving is only….

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BD Movers logo

BD Movers logo(tm)

I get upset when I hear a client  telling me that so and so, who they found on x list, is only charging….

I get upset because we are not expensive. We charge enough to pay our bills. No vacations in Europe, no fancy cars, no large bank accounts.


Let’s look at the other quote logically.

The rate quoted on the phone is for how many men?  If those men had moving skills and years of experience, what would be a fair wage? If the company pays a reasonable wage to each man does that exceed the rate they quoted?
If not, where is the other money coming from?

Speaking of moving men, do they background check their men? Are they men you would want in your house?

Does the quote include a moving van? If you were to rent a truck, what would you expect to pay for the day? Don’t forget gas and tolls.  Oh, and add in the cost of renting dollies and hand-trucks and blankets to protect your furniture.

Does the quote include packing? Can they safely move your Flat screen? (just blankets are not OK)           Hire a good NJ Moving company

Do they charge for tape? Blankets? Stairs?

Does the quote include liability or insurance? If a man falls, are they covered? If not, you will be paying the medical bills. Is the furniture covered if damaged? If not, you’re just out of luck.  If the truck damages your mailbox or gutters, are they covered?

I am all about saving money and cutting corners. I do here at company every day.

I would love to meet these movers that can legitimately offer such great pricing, but I do not meet them at education or training seminars, or association meetings. I do not see them at chamber events nor are they supporting our local charities. They are not found on the BBB with “A” ratings.

They are seen on TV when consumers complain about their last mover and they are found during sting operations. (18 last month in NJ) They are seen picking up day laborers at the local corner or at a tavern. They use a fleet of rental trucks, and do not own their own. They have many business names. The advertise on phone poles, bulletin boards and lists .

They prey on us wanting something for what we know is too good to be true.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)



Why is my move more expensive than…

Often people want to compare moving prices with their friends, family, well… everyone. Why did Mrs Smith pay

Happy client with NJ movers, BD Movers

Cindy and the moving men on move-in day

more than Mrs Clark when they both had a 3 bedroom house to move?

Every house is not filled equally, you may have a modest bedroom set and they may have a set made for giants.

Are you a one table top TV family or 5 sets with surround sound?

Are you moving the appliances or leaving them?

Do you collect tea cups and have 3 china cabinets filled with them or are you a 4 piece place setting person?

The average home has 100-125 boxes, are you above average? (you should have said yes here)

Are your kids under 5 and have every toy a grandparent can buy them? Or are they older with a xbox and laptop for toys?

Do you live on the 3rd floor of a walk up apartment? You will pay more than the 2nd floor or 1st floor clients. Why? it just takes so much longer to move the same stuff.

Did your friend do their own packing and do want the movers to pack everything?

Are you moving 1 block or to the next county? Are you moving to the Jersey Shore on a weekend in summer (with traffic backed up for miles) or are you moving in March when the roads are free of traffic?

You are unique, celebrate it, and pay the piper his due. 😉

Ultimately, your mover is charging by how long the job will take on local moves or they are charging by weight on long-distance moves (with extra charges for things that take extra time like long carry’s or flights of stairs)

You are in control , only hire a mover to do what makes sense for your budget and ability.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

Disappointing NJ Movers

Happy NJ moving client at the end her move

Pleased BD Movers customer

I know its summer by the calls my office gets almost everyday.

  • My mover did not show up, are you available? When we question the client a little we find the mover was hired by email or over the phone and never came out.
  • My mover called and he can’t make the agreed moving date, can you? Most reputable movers will honor the moving date, you have a closing don’t you? You must be out. Again we find the mover did not come out and they have no paperwork stating agreed on dates.
  • You gave me an estimate 2 months ago, I want to move tomorrow.  Sorry, all movers need as much time as you can give them. I may be open tomorrow but it will be unlikely.
  • I want to move on the 30th, but everyone is booked!  The 30th and 15th are the most popular dates for closings (and moving) because the math is much easier for taxes and utilities.  Try to pick the 18th or 23rd and you will have better luck.
  • My closing is delayed, can you hold the furniture for a week? Sorry, no. We are moving people everyday and we need the truck you would like us to hold for you. Imagine a carpenter lending his hammer, he is unable to work til it’s returned.  I can move you into a self storage and then move you out when the new house closing takes place.
  • I have a quote of “x”, why is this mover so much cheaper that everyone else?  I don’t know, but you should be asking, what is their reputation? are they licensed and carry insurance? are they listed with the BBB? If all things are equal and they looked you in the eye and said “x” then why not hire them?

Summary – make your mover come out, check them out thouroughly and book early.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers(tm)

Moving and deposits

nj movers logoWe ask for deposits when you book a move.  Why?

We do so because we are reserving a truck and crew just for your job, I am now refusing other work on that day. I have committed a very large part of my fleet, and man power. Your deposit seals the deal. It does not mean I do not trust you, or that I suspect you are a deadbeat. Did you realize many people call to book moves but have no intention of using the mover? They wanted a safety-net in case they could not do it themselves, family did not show up, the rental truck was not there….

There should be some comfort on your part because you now have a “contracted date” with your mover, not just a verbal commitment.

Every day we get calls from people telling us the mover did not show up. Did the mover trade up to a larger or easier move? Did they overbook hoping someone would cancel? It happens in this industry.

The deposit means I will move you and you want me as your mover. The deposit is returnable if the date changes or you change your mind, just let me know in advance.  That’s fair and respectful on both our parts.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers! ™

Call your NJ Mover

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I often get phone calls from people that just want a price for “x” items. If you are calling to move a piano, or an armoire I can usually do that.

A typical call might be to ask ,”how much to move a house?”  I have no idea at all. You sigh and say, “I’m moving from Toms River to Manahakwin, how much?”  I still have no idea. You clarify with, “I have some bedrooms, garage, basement, some boxes, normal stuff, you know?” I still do not know and neither does any other moving company in New Jersey or anywhere else.

The problem is that there is no typical 3 bedroom house move. Some of you will have 100 boxes (often) while others will have 300 (not uncommon). Some of you will have 2 dressers, 2 night tables, and 1 bed in your master bedroom (often), but others will have a monster “camel” dresser, a huge armoire, 2 night tables the size of a childs dressers, a four post king size bed, a lingerie chest, a fainting lounge, and an entertainment wall unit (saw this just last week). Some of you have basements where you just keep the christmas items, some of you store the family stuff from your extended family, some of you are frightened to go down there.

When you call your mover, let them come out , better yet, make them come out! Your phone estimate is worthless. If your mover wants to do a phone estimate, it’s because they are either lazy or devious.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)