Jersey Shore Moving Diary

My first estimate was on LBI island for a couple that are tearing down the home they have so they can build a much larger one with views of the ocean. The last 2 years there have not been many doing this, but this fall I’m getting quite a few calls. My job will be … Continue reading Jersey Shore Moving Diary

Call your NJ Mover

I often get phone calls from people that just want a price for “x” items. If you are calling to move a piano, or an armoire I can usually do that. A typical call might be to ask ,”how much to move a house?”  I have no idea at all. You sigh and say, “I’m … Continue reading Call your NJ Mover

It’s Spring so movers are in the news

I always meet spring with mixed emotions. For movers it means the phones will start to ring a little more, people will be moving more, remodeling and construction means I’ll be moving people into storage or PODS more. But I also know the news stations and papers will have their yearly report on “bad movers” … Continue reading It’s Spring so movers are in the news

Rogue Movers, NJWMA and the BBB The New Jersey Warehouse and Movers Association has just posted a few videos to Youtube. (it ain’t just kids anymore) I can not tell you how pleased I am that they are being so proactive about this issue. ———Disclaimer: I serve on the board of directors for the NJWMA Our industry has a problem … Continue reading Rogue Movers, NJWMA and the BBB

Patti’s Prom Project

On another note. BD Movers has been supporting Patti’s Prom Project this past month. I help in collecting used gowns and dresses and they are then donated to a young women that would otherwise not have one. If you are in Ocean County, call us and I will arrange to pick up the dress. The … Continue reading Patti’s Prom Project

Top reasons to hire your movers off a street corner

To avoid the hassle of hiring a professional mover, you can always hire casual labor.  I can imagine this scenario. You decide to use street labor rather than a mover. It is much easier. no fuss here,. So you drive by the known corner in your town and pick up the first  3 guys you … Continue reading Top reasons to hire your movers off a street corner

5 reasons to hire a licensed professional mover

Stop thinking you can move your house on your own. (well, you might be able to but it ain’t easy). This is why you want to consider a mover. A mover will complete your move in hours, not days. I have been watching a house on my block move themselves this week. They are on … Continue reading 5 reasons to hire a licensed professional mover