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NJ Mover, BD Movers, uses innovative crating to speed moves

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We recently invested in these crates to speed up moves. We load Flat Screens, pictures, and mirrors in a fraction of the time yet move safely than in cardboard boxes. Win – Win for the client and us.

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You have too much stuff!

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When I grew up we each had a small closet and it was enough. Today our clients have walk in closets, usually 2 in the Master Bedroom.  Yours may not look this organized (mine doesn’t) but the point is made, we all have so much more than when we grew up.

Now look in your kitchen, I bet you see the same trend here. We have mixers, pots and pans that our parents never dreamed of. I moved a client that had 8 sets of china. Remember the “good” dishes? Many people now have multiple sets of “good” dishes and Christmas china, and stoneware, and everyday dishes.

Check out the garage! I had a football, basketball and some basic baseball equipment. So did my friends on Staten Island. Today I might find all that and portable baseball courts, extensive soccer gear and nets (in America?), all sorts of practice equipment, skiing stuff , etc.

Back yard! I bet you had a charcoal grill, red, just like everyone else. Now we have grills the size of Buicks! We have 2 patio sets, lounges, fire pits and assorted tables to go with everything else.

Would our grandparents recognize our lives?

When I search on old moving pictures, you can find small horse drawn carts that moved houses. Houses!  Today they might be able to move a room or two worth of stuff.

I have too much stuff and you do too!

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

New Jersey Movers Diary

The other day I had an astonishing range of estimates for my company

My first estimate was for a senior moving from the Jersey Shore to be with her daughter in Pennsylvania, both of them were a little (a lot) overwhelmed with the move. Mom had acquired quite a lot of stuff and was hesitant about getting ride of any of it. Thank god the daughters were involved or this would be a fiasco.

A Senior move in Tuckerton NJ

My next client was moving from Toms River into an assisted living facility, for her we will do all the packing along with the move.  Her arthritis has gotten so bad she is starting to need help with cooking and she lives alone. I am constantly amazed at the strength some people show when things are rough. I hope I have the same grace as I get older.

Commercial stove to be moved

From there I went to the Seaside Park area of the Jersey Shore to estimate moving a restaurant. The summer did not pan out quite like they had hoped and they were moving everything into storage, moving all the tables, chairs,  the stoves, ovens and refrigerators. Commercial equipment is much larger and heavier than a household move, so we bring special dollies and hand trucks. I measure the doors to see if any need to come off.  We discuss who is disconnecting the gas and water connections. Often we suggest a bug bomb at storage “just in case”. This looks pretty clean and I expect no problems.

A prior client has called me to give their synagogue an estimate. Everyone is quite excited to be moving into the new place.  There will be a ceremony where they symbolically walk from one to the other carrying the religious scrolls.  We  will move the school and offices. I will be on this job! I already picked up a Mezuzah for them.

Moving on Long Beach Island

My next estimate is a re-estimate. My client has called and is concerned that everything may not fit into his self storage, “could I come out and look one more time”?  I always walk through the house as if I had never been there before so I can be sure of what has changed. There will be no problem with the move. I end up staying longer than I should so they are comfortable with everything we will do on moving day.

My last estimate of the day is on Long Beach Island. They are selling the house and moving inland and then to Florida. The house has been in the family for quite awhile and there are some mixed felling about the move. The taxes are getting beyond what they can afford, but they love the place.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers! ™

A day in the life of a New Jersey Mover

I picked a day at random, not an average day but surely not an atypical day.  I own BD Movers, but my job day to day is  usually  handling the estimates that come in.

NJ Moving Man, Tony starts off with coffee

NJ Moving Man, Tony starts off with coffee

Work usually starts around 630 in the office but today it starts on the road.

The first estimate was in Ocean Grove NJ at 730. Ocean Grove is an old Victorian town founded by the Methodist. It has kept its charm. My client is moving out to a beautiful  new house about 45 minutes away, more suburban.

NJ Mover, at first estimate in Ocean Grove NJ

NJ Mover, at first estimate in Ocean Grove NJ

Street view in Ocean Grove for NJ Moving Moving Company, BD Movers

Street view in Ocean Grove for NJ Moving Moving Company, BD Movers

We started talking about his previous moves. One mover held his furniture ransom after loading the truck and refusing to finish the job without more money. Cops came. 3 years of legal battles. The last mover did some damage and did not own up and fix it. Hence me, number three.  Our policy is to never fire a mover that makes a mistake but rather fire them if they hide a mistake. Big difference.

He is moving because the neighbors are difficult. He loves the location, but the it’s just no fun being there.

Eatontown Mover, BD Movers, onto his senior move estimate

Eatontown Mover, BD Movers, onto his senior move estimate

My next estimate is in Eatontown NJ. This client is moving into assisted living. We are working with a Senior Move manager. Her job is to help them comfortably handle this move. She has done most of the packing, organizing and making arrangements for movers, cleaners and an auctioneer. Our job will be to finish some of the packing, move them, make sure everything is set up again and properly reassembled. Her husband has dementia and his health requires that they find a place that can meet their changing needs.

While I’m there I learn the husband is retired from army and is himself from a long line of military men. The pictures on the wall of a family farm gets her talking of the dairy business the family has in Pennsylvania.  I really like her.

NJ Moving Co, BD Movers, on estimate at a Jackson NJ assisted living facility

NJ Moving Co, BD Movers, on estimate at a Jackson NJ assisted living facility

The next estimate for moving is in Jackson NJ. I am meeting the niece to help pack and move some antiques to self storage till the family figures out what they want to keep.  Our job is to pack the antique lamps, vases, dishes and some pedestals with statues. Some are from the 1800’s and will require some extra care. Our packing crew will go out the day before the move so that everything is ready for the next morning. I hate packing the same day as moving. I find it to be more stressful on the client. ( You hire a mover to make your life easier!)

PA to NJ moving company, BD Movers heads out to give an estimate for moving

PA to NJ moving company, BD Movers heads out to give an estimate for moving

The next estimate is in Coppersburg  PA.  This client is moving to the Jersey Shore. Most movers would not go out to estimate this job because of the distance. This is a referral from another client we moved. I like to see the job so we both know what is required. Who is packing for instance. This way we both agree exactly on what is being moved.

This one is a little emotional for everyone. It’s a divorce. The guy is being very business like, no nonsense. She is obviously trying not to cry.

Our job will be to move him to the Jersey Shore. I know the men I want on the job already because I know they will be gentle with the family and furniture. We will put his stuff into a self storage area he has chosen and move it out to the final destination when he is ready. I’ve helped him decide on the size storage unit he’ll need and we’ll bring paper pads to protect his furniture while its in storage.

Another view of the farm for interstate moving co, BD Movers

Another view of the farm for interstate moving co, BD Movers

View of the farm for PA to NJ, interstate moving co, BD Movers

View of the farm for PA to NJ, interstate moving co, BD Movers

End of the work day for New Jersey Moving Co, BD Movers

End of the work day for New Jersey Moving Co, BD Movers

Total mileage was just under 300 miles.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

Why is my move more expensive than…

Often people want to compare moving prices with their friends, family, well… everyone. Why did Mrs Smith pay

Happy client with NJ movers, BD Movers

Cindy and the moving men on move-in day

more than Mrs Clark when they both had a 3 bedroom house to move?

Every house is not filled equally, you may have a modest bedroom set and they may have a set made for giants.

Are you a one table top TV family or 5 sets with surround sound?

Are you moving the appliances or leaving them?

Do you collect tea cups and have 3 china cabinets filled with them or are you a 4 piece place setting person?

The average home has 100-125 boxes, are you above average? (you should have said yes here)

Are your kids under 5 and have every toy a grandparent can buy them? Or are they older with a xbox and laptop for toys?

Do you live on the 3rd floor of a walk up apartment? You will pay more than the 2nd floor or 1st floor clients. Why? it just takes so much longer to move the same stuff.

Did your friend do their own packing and do want the movers to pack everything?

Are you moving 1 block or to the next county? Are you moving to the Jersey Shore on a weekend in summer (with traffic backed up for miles) or are you moving in March when the roads are free of traffic?

You are unique, celebrate it, and pay the piper his due. 😉

Ultimately, your mover is charging by how long the job will take on local moves or they are charging by weight on long-distance moves (with extra charges for things that take extra time like long carry’s or flights of stairs)

You are in control , only hire a mover to do what makes sense for your budget and ability.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

Disappointing NJ Movers

Happy NJ moving client at the end her move

Pleased BD Movers customer

I know its summer by the calls my office gets almost everyday.

  • My mover did not show up, are you available? When we question the client a little we find the mover was hired by email or over the phone and never came out.
  • My mover called and he can’t make the agreed moving date, can you? Most reputable movers will honor the moving date, you have a closing don’t you? You must be out. Again we find the mover did not come out and they have no paperwork stating agreed on dates.
  • You gave me an estimate 2 months ago, I want to move tomorrow.  Sorry, all movers need as much time as you can give them. I may be open tomorrow but it will be unlikely.
  • I want to move on the 30th, but everyone is booked!  The 30th and 15th are the most popular dates for closings (and moving) because the math is much easier for taxes and utilities.  Try to pick the 18th or 23rd and you will have better luck.
  • My closing is delayed, can you hold the furniture for a week? Sorry, no. We are moving people everyday and we need the truck you would like us to hold for you. Imagine a carpenter lending his hammer, he is unable to work til it’s returned.  I can move you into a self storage and then move you out when the new house closing takes place.
  • I have a quote of “x”, why is this mover so much cheaper that everyone else?  I don’t know, but you should be asking, what is their reputation? are they licensed and carry insurance? are they listed with the BBB? If all things are equal and they looked you in the eye and said “x” then why not hire them?

Summary – make your mover come out, check them out thouroughly and book early.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers(tm)

Household Moving NJ

You need to move and you are working your plan to find your moving company. Here are your choices,

  • Phone book – possibly a hundred movers are listed in your phone book. You know none of them but recognize a few names. The problem – you know none of them.
  • Internet List – lots of choices here also. The problem – anyone (almost) can list themselves as movers here. Is it a couple of  guys and a pickup or is it a moving company with insurance?
  • Internet “find a mover” sites. There are thousands of movers here! Some sites are very good and reputable. The problem – Who is a mover and who is a broker? The site sells the leads to movers, so often the mover with the largest budget gets the lead.
  • “Google” search for movers. Actually not a bad choice if you search on a locality and check to see where the company is based. The problem – many movers use keywords in their websites that make them appear to be in Toms River NJ,  but they are really 100 miles away.
  • Mover associations like the New Jersey Warehouse and Movers Association. I like this a lot. The members are licensed for the state you searched in. They more than likely signed a “code of ethics”. They are committed (presumably) to learning more about their industry and improving it. The problem – no problem.
  • The BBB. Many companies are listed here, and the BBB give them a rating based on complaints. I like it! The problem – some excellent movers are not listed if they did not join the BBB.
  • The chamber of commerce. Good thinking. The members are local, they are active in the community and may have agreed to a code of ethics there as well. The problem – not every company joins, and lousy companies can join if they pony up the dues each year. In reality though, I rarely find that to be the case.
  • Ask around. This should be part of the equation. You will hear of the bad experiences quickly, that should weed out the worst companies and guide you to a couple of good ones.

If you put it all together, you should be checking out the state movers associations, check out the local chamber, asking around and checking with the BBB. If your mover is showing up in most of those places, you probably have found a good choice for your move.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else call us! ™