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Options to hiring an NJ Moving company

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I recently gave a short informational talk to a group about moving.

One of the constant questions I get is: “Why hire a mover when I can do this with my friends and family?” I decided to answer that question with a short video of clippings from YouTube.

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You have too much stuff!

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When I grew up we each had a small closet and it was enough. Today our clients have walk in closets, usually 2 in the Master Bedroom.  Yours may not look this organized (mine doesn’t) but the point is made, we all have so much more than when we grew up.

Now look in your kitchen, I bet you see the same trend here. We have mixers, pots and pans that our parents never dreamed of. I moved a client that had 8 sets of china. Remember the “good” dishes? Many people now have multiple sets of “good” dishes and Christmas china, and stoneware, and everyday dishes.

Check out the garage! I had a football, basketball and some basic baseball equipment. So did my friends on Staten Island. Today I might find all that and portable baseball courts, extensive soccer gear and nets (in America?), all sorts of practice equipment, skiing stuff , etc.

Back yard! I bet you had a charcoal grill, red, just like everyone else. Now we have grills the size of Buicks! We have 2 patio sets, lounges, fire pits and assorted tables to go with everything else.

Would our grandparents recognize our lives?

When I search on old moving pictures, you can find small horse drawn carts that moved houses. Houses!  Today they might be able to move a room or two worth of stuff.

I have too much stuff and you do too!

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Jersey Shore Moving Diary

My first estimate was on LBI island for a couple that are tearing down the home they have so they can build a much larger one with views of the ocean. The last 2 years there have not been many doing this, but this fall I’m getting quite a few calls. My job will be to pack up the house, move it to self storage for the winter and then deliver it all back to the new house. I’ m encouraged that some of the “big money” people are getting optimistic about our economy. What was that commercial? When E F Hutting speaks, people listen?

Movers view

BD Moves arrives at the house

My office calls, one person wants to move from Delaware to Delaware, another one has an eviction on Staten Island that has to go a local storage.  We are not licensed in other states for local moves, my office knows this, but they’re curious why people are calling us. I can usually refer a local mover for them. Delaware I blank out on but I know a great NY mover and give them his name.

My next estimate is local. A women about my age is moving into a much smaller place. Her husband has left, and is going through his “thing”. I often hear one side of the situation when I am in the house and I always believe the one in front of me. Lately I’m hearing this type of story a lot. I really don’t care who was right or wrong, but when you have children and the house is being foreclosed, they are being evicted, and the kids are losing everything. Why do this to your kids? Hate him or her but take care of the kids. Rant over.

Do we move shopping carts?

An interesting call, can we move 15 shopping carts from one store to another? and then back in 2 days? Sure, why? They are filming something and need them for 24 hours.

My next is a repeat customer that bought a sofa that the store couldn’t deliver to the room she wanted it in. I go out to look it over. It will be tight, but really all we need to do is remove a light fixture at the stair landing and it should go. We schedule a date my crew will be in the area.

I love this idea, my next appointment wants to make an offer on a house. He knows the older women is getting a lot of interest and offers so… his contract offer includes paying for local moving cost. His offer will really stand out and she has one less thing to worry about. Clever.

BD Movers apartment move

3rd floor walk up for BD Movers

I stop by a job in progress to see how things are going. My luck, a 3rd floor walk up. I help the guys unload the last of it and set up the beds. We walk room by room to make sure everything is placed where they want it. My legs are a little shaky and I was there less than an hour, how do these guys do this everyday?

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

Moving and deposits

nj movers logoWe ask for deposits when you book a move.  Why?

We do so because we are reserving a truck and crew just for your job, I am now refusing other work on that day. I have committed a very large part of my fleet, and man power. Your deposit seals the deal. It does not mean I do not trust you, or that I suspect you are a deadbeat. Did you realize many people call to book moves but have no intention of using the mover? They wanted a safety-net in case they could not do it themselves, family did not show up, the rental truck was not there….

There should be some comfort on your part because you now have a “contracted date” with your mover, not just a verbal commitment.

Every day we get calls from people telling us the mover did not show up. Did the mover trade up to a larger or easier move? Did they overbook hoping someone would cancel? It happens in this industry.

The deposit means I will move you and you want me as your mover. The deposit is returnable if the date changes or you change your mind, just let me know in advance.  That’s fair and respectful on both our parts.

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Call your NJ Mover

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I often get phone calls from people that just want a price for “x” items. If you are calling to move a piano, or an armoire I can usually do that.

A typical call might be to ask ,”how much to move a house?”  I have no idea at all. You sigh and say, “I’m moving from Toms River to Manahakwin, how much?”  I still have no idea. You clarify with, “I have some bedrooms, garage, basement, some boxes, normal stuff, you know?” I still do not know and neither does any other moving company in New Jersey or anywhere else.

The problem is that there is no typical 3 bedroom house move. Some of you will have 100 boxes (often) while others will have 300 (not uncommon). Some of you will have 2 dressers, 2 night tables, and 1 bed in your master bedroom (often), but others will have a monster “camel” dresser, a huge armoire, 2 night tables the size of a childs dressers, a four post king size bed, a lingerie chest, a fainting lounge, and an entertainment wall unit (saw this just last week). Some of you have basements where you just keep the christmas items, some of you store the family stuff from your extended family, some of you are frightened to go down there.

When you call your mover, let them come out , better yet, make them come out! Your phone estimate is worthless. If your mover wants to do a phone estimate, it’s because they are either lazy or devious.

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EcoJoe(tm) and BD Movers

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I recently became involved with EcoJoe for very selfish reasons. If your house doesn’t move, I can’t move you!  Will a buried St Joseph sell your house? I don’t know. I do know that many, many, many home sellers do believe and have St Joe in the yard somewhere. (My family has one that everyone passes around) If the practice is wide spread, then let’s have fun with the idea and make this as responsible as possible.

I lifted this blog right off the EcoJoe(tm) web site. If you want more information , our office number is 800-310-1912.

Who is EcoJoe™?

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Who is EcoJoe™?

The centuries-old practice of burying a statue of St. Joseph in the yard of a house for sale is supposed to enlist the Saint’s aid in finding a buyer. Before Joseph became the patron saint of real estate, he was Jesus’ foster father on earth and taught Jesus the trade of carpentry. He made sure that Jesus was protected and well-housed.

Today, thousands of home sellers and real estate agents continue the tradition of calling upon St. Joseph to help sell their property with successful results. This tradition is about trust, belief and sincerity, not a desire to make more money in a real estate transaction.

Our goal at EcoJoe ™ is to provide a greener alternative to existing plastic St. Joseph products on the real estate market. EcoJoe™ is made with 100% eco-friendly materials. Unlike the plastic St. Joseph products on the market, EcoJoe™ will not poison the earth if left buried. A real Saint would never do that!

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Moving phone estimate

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I recently had a phone call that went like this:
My mover just called and said they can’t move me, can you help?
Yes I can, Where do you live? I need to come out and see what you have so I can give you an estimate.
The other mover didn’t.  What do you charge to move a small house – they said 4 hours.
I want to see it, and I can tell you. It is the law in New Jersey to protect the consumer, so, when can I come out?
I don’t want an in house estimate, I just want a price.
I understand it may not be convenient, but the last mover never took the time to take responsibility for your move. I want to so there are no surprises, and no problems on the day of your move.
Never mind then, I’ll someone else.

Plenty of movers will take this job without looking at it. Why?  Because the customer has invited them to charge whatever they want on moving day. Make us take responsibility for your move.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers! ™

NJ Moving Estimates

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If you are hiring a mover, here is a quick review of how your mover will come up with a price for you

When they come out (not if! insist on it!) A reputable mover will fill out a “cube sheet” on what you have in the house, apartment or office. They may use a computer to do this or may old school it by hand. Either way is OK. You’ll walk room by room and point out what will go and what will stay. What you are packing, what they are packing. This is very important so there is no confusion on the day of the move and so an accurate price can be given. Let them look in closets, attics and basements.
With this information they will figure out the total cubic volume , weight and also the hours it may take to complete your move.

Pricing is based on one of those three numbers.

  • Cubic volume – your mover may charge you for “x” amount of space on a truck. Not used often by professional movers, still OK though. This is mostly used by self move options. For instance – some self move companies will sell you space on a truck, you load it and pay for the space you use. Self storage units and PODS charge by the space you need. The problem is you will usually overpay on self move options because you are not a professional packer and will use more space than they will. If your mover charges by space and does what is politely called a “loose pack” you could be over-charged.
  • If your mover uses weight, you will be charged for how much everything weighed when they went to a “truck scale”. Many movers use this because it is easy to measure. Furniture weighs, on average, 7 lbs per cubic foot (see how this ties in?) The problem arises when your furniture is not average and weighs more. Think of Formica furniture and the huge oak stuff. Books and office furniture are heavier. So even though it takes up the same space in the truck and even though it didn’t take any extra time, you pay more.
  • If you are charged by the hour, it is easy for you to see how your charged. They show up at 9 and finish at 3, chargeable hours are 6 ish. ish? Well there is travel time, the cost of getting to you and back at the end of the day. This is fair, it’s not their fault you moved 50 miles away and people have to be paid. What happens if the estimate is way off? you pay. What happens if the men were not experienced and not efficient? you pay. What if they got lost? you pay.

So obviously, there are problems with each method for the consumer. Which choice do you take?

Always choose the business or the man/women, over the price. Good businesses do good work at a fair price. A good place to start your search is the BBB or the New Jersey Warehouse and Movers Association. Or just call me. 😉

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers(tm)


New Jersey Moving company, hiring and training.

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Phil & Customer

Movers are not, well should not be, guys you grab off the street to lug your furniture around. They should be trained and educated on the profession. A good mover will find work in any town in any part of the country. The skill is not easily learned, and difficult to teach.  Why?

Although a sofa may appear to be a sofa like any other, every piece is unique. The furniture industry is still re-inventing the darn things ( I curse the genius that came up with the sofa with reclining chairs at the ends!) Take into consideration that a certain level of strength and endurance is needed before moving skills can even be trained. Add an eye for what will fit and how, some mechanic skills when we must disassemble furniture, and a caring attitude toward customers and their belongings. Not a very easy day.
When I run a help wanted ad, it always states “must be able to lift heavy items with a smile”. So the first thing I look for is a kind and pleasant demeanor. I know from experience that muscles will follow when they apply themselves to the job. Always hire “nice” first!
Training takes place on the job. We go over basics at our meetings, but you learn by doing this job. Do you remember the first time you saw a sofa, larger than the door opening, fit into a room? I can show you, I can’t tell you how to do that. Not all movers hire and train this way. It must be very hard if you are a huge moving company with dozens of trucks and crews. I have the luxury of knowing my crew and often working side by side with them.  The other upside of hiring “nice” …. I like working with them.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers! ™

Great NJ Movers!

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Today is about balance. I can rant about the unlicensed and uninsured movers but there are lots of great movers in NJ, besides BD Movers 😉 , here are a few I know of:

  • Harrington Movers : Jeff Harrington was recently voted mover of the year by the NJ Warehouse and Movers Association.  Great Guy! Jeff came up through the ranks like myself. On the trucks everyday and carrying furniture. Today he has offices in north NJ and NY.
  • Ridgewood Moving : Cindy Meyer is the owner. Cindy came into moving through marriage. She now runs the operation and has recently joined with Arpin Vanlines. She is a member of  NJAWBO and specializes in senior moves.
  • Brantley Brothers : I’ve known Ike King for years. The company is located in Newark, a well rounded mover that does a lot of residential and office moving. Ike has been a mentor to me at times and I am in his debt for his generosity and knowledge.

To be honest, all these individuals and many more,  have helped me and my company grow.

The three I picked are all directors of the NJ Warehouse and Movers Association. They, and 13  other dedicated movers, make time each week and month to help other movers create the best moving companies they can. I am proud to say I serve with them.

I encourage everyone to choose your New Jersey Mover from the members of NJWMA. The only place you are assured a licensed mover.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!  ™


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