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Open letter to NJ Movers

Here are my latest deep thoughts on the lead services. I realized the other day I am paying for the opportunity to compete with hundreds (?) of other movers in a market that demands the winner has the lowest price to get attention. (I was promised, like you, that the leads only go to 3 to 5 movers. Our experience shows this must be a lie.) I do not think anyone in our association has a problem competing with any other member on the “streets”. But email quotes are different; they do not see your professionalism, trucks, or references. They do not see you arrive on time and prepared for your estimate. They do not see you believe in your product. They only see price.
It has been explained to me that I can just quote a price and see what happens. They are fishing for a price; why not throw some bait in the water also? I see how that might work, but it still removes the things that make my company and your company unique. We become generic. Generic will always have little value.
So here is what I have decided, I am dropping the last couple of lead services I have tried. I am tired of paying for the chance to undercut a mover not even in my state. I admit I am not very good at competing with hundreds of emails. I am looking to promote my company in unique ways. The mantra to the business community has been that “branding” is the only way to thrive/survive, if that is true, then this must be seen as the complete opposite.

Faith can move moutains… foreverything else there is BD Movers!


Patti’s Prom Project

On another note. BD Movers has been supporting Patti’s Prom Project this past month. I help in collecting used gowns and dresses and they are then donated to a young women that would otherwise not have one. If you are in Ocean County, call us and I will arrange to pick up the dress. The event takes place on the 28th of March, here in Forked River, NJ. Robin Bahr has been a promoter of the event and has brought much energy to the project. If you do not know Robin, she is a great realtor in Ocean County. If you had to choose a realtor, she most definitely would be on your short list. Pattie Romano has also been a great help to the effort, you may know her from her radio show on WOBM. Laura Giannotta is also one of the dynamos involved, she is very involved in our community and a great realtor as well. I am sure there are others involved, but these realtors have been my contacts. Today I heard they have over 1000 prom dresses! My company is donating a Limo to the grand prize winner. ( Thanks to a Barter arrangement, paybacks are …)

I look forward to seeing all my readership there! 😉

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers. ™

The number 1 question to ask your mover

You know to ask for the licence number and you better ask about liability insurance. What else? The number question on the phone should be “will you come out to give me an estimate?” You want reality , not guesses and lies. You want a mover that will take responsibility for your move. The only way he/she can do that is to see what you have. Don’t complain to me that it’s inconvenient or you think it is a waste of time because so many movers will quote on the phone. MAKE THEM BE RESPONSIBLE!
I bet at work there are tasks you must do to be proficient at what you do. Would your boss allow you to “call it in”? You are the boss on moving day, do not let them call it in.
Let’s say you made a couple of movers come the house. What are the most important questions now?

  • Is this price firm or is approximate?
  • What might change the price? (long carries, shuttles, weight, extra packing are all usual extra cost)
  • Will you provide me with a copy of your insurance and License number.
  • Are you a member of the BBB. (Is it them or the Vanline they represent?)
  • Will you guarantee a pickup date and delivery date?
  • Am I the only customer on the truck?
  • What payments will you accept? (certified check and credit cards are the norm)
  • Will you guarantee no damage?  (trick question, accidents happen so what do they do if something is damaged?)

Follow these few guidelines and you will weed out 90% of the bad movers out there.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!

$70 per hour

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Today I walked into a house where the owner  had beed quoted $70 per hour by an internet company. When they came out the price jumped up. He understandably was not happy.

Lets go through this again, a quote online is worhtless. It is a false leader, a bait and switch, or an out right lie if they quote without seeing your stuff. The reality is a sofa may weight 100lbs or it might be 400lbs, do you know? Neither  do they.  If you get an hourly quote , is it for 2, 3 or 4 men? travel time? packing charges included? driver extra? (not a joke)

$70 sounded too good to be true and it was. Do the math in your head. If we pay each man  x per day, if we allow for a truck expense,  gas and overhead. Still not sure? What would you charge to move your client with a fairly new truck (payments) 3 good guys (not street labor) and make sure you have liability insurance, workers compensation, auto/ cargo insurance.  What do want to make for a days labor?

95% of the moving clients know this, but I can’t help the rant when I am attcked because I can’t match the price of a mover that won’t come to the house, won’t show he has insurance and liability, and will not take responsability for his work.

Other than that, I am I a fine mood today. 😉

Faith can move mountains…for everything else their is BD Movers

Top reasons to hire your movers off a street corner

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To avoid the hassle of hiring a professional mover, you can always hire casual labor.  I can imagine this scenario.

You decide to use street labor rather than a mover. It is much easier. no fuss here,. So you drive by the known corner in your town and pick up the first  3 guys you see John, Harry and Moe. Harry has an interesting tattoos, one of a tear by his eye. and the other is some kind of symbol on his knuckles.  Do not worry about background checks or drug testing. Nice guys, I”m sure your wife will love them too.
Drive them to your old home if the rental truck is there, if not, go pick up the truck at this time. Driver license may be an issue, seems there was a mistake at motor vehicle that all 3 ran into. Oh well, lets leave your car and all pile in the truck together. Cozy. Lets buy everyone breakfast!
We’re loading the truck. John, Moe and Harry need a smoke or coffee break. so what, we have all day! You negotiated a day rate or perhaps  you agreed on “x” per hour, I’m sure they are honorable men and will not question your generosity. Lets buy everyone lunch.

Oops, sorry about the table, it looked real old, trash now.

New house at last, unloading takes place. New house, new walls, new floors, they’ll be careful. It’s taking a little longer than we thought, I guess we all get tired. Lets buy everyone dinner! You may be thinking. “I wish the one with crazy eyes, John,  would stop looking at my daughter” or you may be thinking ” I must be saving a mint!” Moe is talking to you, you respond.  “Yes that is valuable, you have a good eye Moe!”

It’s late and now you drive to return the rental truck. Moe, John and Harry are concerned about the pay, you really did not warn them the work was so hard and the day so long. They all would like cash of course and could you drop them  off at the corner bar?

As you drop off Harry, John and Moe, they promise to drop by and see the place when it’s done. Moe mentions how you really do have a nice sports memorabilia collection. John casually asks if your daughter is seeing anyone.

Faith can move Mountains… for everything else there’s BD Movers (tm)

5 reasons to hire a licensed professional mover

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Stop thinking you can move your house on your own. (well, you might be able to but it ain’t easy). This is why you want to consider a mover.

  • A mover will complete your move in hours, not days. I have been watching a house on my block move themselves this week. They are on day 3 of shuttle runs with a uhaul truck. If we do the math on fuel, rental, sandwiches and fraying friendships, how much did they save? If we assume that every man and women if worth at least minimum wage, then they have lost money.
  • A mover can often be cheaper than doing yourself. (See our 1st example) I recently compared the charges for a rental truck to Florida from Manahawkin NJ. We were the same price as the do it yourself option but we did the lifting and loading.
  • A licensed mover will have insurance. They will repair their mistakes. You will not repair the dents and scratches.
  • A mover can get that armoire into the upstairs bedroom. You might, but in the process your hurt yourself , the furniture and the house.
  • I will go home at the end of the job. Your friends and family will sit around and eat you out of house and home.

Faith can move mountains.. for everything else there is BD Movers! ™

Green Movers

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Is your mover a “green company”? Its hard to say you are, we use deisel engines, lots of cardboard and packing materials. What is realistic? BD Movers has taken some steps in the right direction.

  • In the office we try to use only recycled paper, we often can’t because of required forms and paperwork that are not available as recycled.
  • We offer plastic totes as an option to cardboard. For all our customers we take back used cardboard and take it to recycling at no charge (day of move). I have experimented with offering used boxes but the risk of passing on bugs makes that a tough option. The used cartons have to be taken away quickly or the risk increases. Even the plastic totes creates a problem of “is it green” because they are rented from a company in north Jersey that will have to transport them and use fuel for that. It seems the carbon footprint math would work on large moves but not small.
  • I can offer biodegradable peanuts, they are fine on short term packing. Long term they could be a food source for rodents or if they get wet, they will start degrading and you would lose the protection.
  • Shredded paper is good on small jobs but it will settle over time. Again, no protection.

Bio-diesel, Electric Hybrid! Sorry, not yet, in my area the bio-diesel is not available (ocean county NJ) and the electric truck is not powerful enough to haul heavy loads over distances.  This link will show some of the possible future:

So for now, “green” means offering informed options, recycling or reusing where we can, and always considering the impact of our decisions.

Out of State Moves

At BD Movers we do out of state movers as well as local moving. The Carolina’s and Florida are the most popular but recently the action seems to be to the adjoining states, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York. The reason is often so they can keep friends, and jobs but avoid our high taxes and high housing cost. If you hire a mover for this, we are going to charge you by weight and mileage. You can’t do a thing about the distance but you can control the weight by getting rid of stuff at this end. Here are some suggestions;

  • Donate. Call your local charity to donate the items you no longer need. In Ocean County we have Habitat for Humanity in Manahawkin and one in Toms River. They will pick up the donated items, use them or sell them, and give you a tax receipt. Everyone benefits. Freecycle is a web site where you can list items for donation and people will come and get them.  Your local church often knows of families that need furniture and appliances. We accept non-perishable food stuffs on moving day and we take them to a local food bank.
  • Recycle. Do not put it to the curb! Your neighbors will be annoyed and it is wasteful. In Ocean County most, if not every, township has an excellent recycling center for paper,plastic, clothes. In Forked River, ours will also take oil, paint, tires, batteries, electronics and cardboard.
  • Call a hauler. I recommend Cleanoutservice here in Manahawkin. Joe is a great guy but I refer him because he will responsibly get rid of the things he picks up, Florescent light bulbs go to one place, metal to another, and so on. Email him at
  • Offer it to the new owners. They may need a bedroom set for the extra room, or they may need the left over paint for touch ups.

Never move the garden bricks, the fireplace wood, the old encylapedias, the freezer your grandparents gave you for the garage. The movers will charge you more than they are worth. Save some money, and help some people at the same time.

Recent Estimates

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The other day I was in the home of a man that lost his job and needs to move. Has to move because the apartment is no longer his. I met his wife and 2 sons, all really nice, smart people. I use to think we all make our fortunes, make our luck, but I am meeting too many smart, capable people that have been blind sided by this economy. I often come home depressed from the personal stories I hear each day. Another home had both husand and wife unemployed and in a new house with their young son. Another was moving out of state, (I’m in Ocean County, NJ), but not to a new job or family, just to start over. He said it has to be better somewhere else.

If I may make a suggestion, please thank God for your family, your job, your work. It is too precious to take for granted.
For years now I have told my customers and employees at BD Movers that ” I’ve had work and I’ve had no work… work is better”. Those words are really ringing true for a lot of us.

Moving and Realtors

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I have to say that hiring a realtor in Ocean County is a no-brainer. It is overwhelming the things you need to accomplish by yourself .  Not all realtors are created equal, (not all movers are either), but the best are truly like family by the time you sell the house and move. My friends that sell homes work ungodly hours. They make themselves available for you  at all hours. They handle the multitude of professions involved (lawyers, appraisers.title companies, home inspectors, BD Movers, etc) . They coordinate all this so the paperwork and the “closing” all happen as it should.

On a bad day, I may feel that movers are the most maligned profession, but realtors must be a close second. Its not fair. Psychologist have told me that moving and loss of a spouse/child are the most stressful events in a persons life. Everyday we (movers and realtors) serve this population.  The stress will express itself somewhere.

So, please clients, do your homework. Your sister-inlaw that sells homes part-time will not do as good a job as a full time realtor. If you see a bunch a letters after their name, if means they have contiuned to learn and get better. When you drive into a neighboorhood and see one realtors name listed on all the “for sale” signs, it is because they know the market and they are experts for the area.  A good realtor will get you the best possible deal on your home (statistics back me up) and make life easier. Like I said, a no brainer.

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