My phone estimate for moving is only….

I get upset when I hear a client  telling me that so and so, who they found on x list, is only charging…. I get upset because we are not expensive. We charge enough to pay our bills. No vacations in Europe, no fancy cars, no large bank accounts.   Let’s look at the other … Continue reading My phone estimate for moving is only….

Hiring a New Jersey Mover and what are the added costs?

You are interviewing your NJ Moving company and want to know what could change the price. Here is the potential add on list. Travel time is the cost of a mover getting to you and back to their warehouse. This is in additional to your hourly move. Some movers may add a nominal fee for … Continue reading Hiring a New Jersey Mover and what are the added costs?

Disappointing NJ Movers

I know its summer by the calls my office gets almost everyday. My mover did not show up, are you available? When we question the client a little we find the mover was hired by email or over the phone and never came out. My mover called and he can’t make the agreed moving date, … Continue reading Disappointing NJ Movers

Moving and deposits

We ask for deposits when you book a move.  Why? We do so because we are reserving a truck and crew just for your job, I am now refusing other work on that day. I have committed a very large part of my fleet, and man power. Your deposit seals the deal. It does not … Continue reading Moving and deposits

Call your NJ Mover

I often get phone calls from people that just want a price for “x” items. If you are calling to move a piano, or an armoire I can usually do that. A typical call might be to ask ,”how much to move a house?”  I have no idea at all. You sigh and say, “I’m … Continue reading Call your NJ Mover

Moving phone estimate

I recently had a phone call that went like this: My mover just called and said they can’t move me, can you help? Yes I can, Where do you live? I need to come out and see what you have so I can give you an estimate. The other mover didn’t.  What do you charge … Continue reading Moving phone estimate