I want to move now!

I want to move NOW!
I want to move NOW!

Years ago, in less crazy times, people would call and say, “I need to move in 8 weeks, can I have an estimate?”  If they called and needed to move quickly, red flags went up.  You’re moving and it just occured to you?

Now we get calls “I need to move tomorrow” or “I need to move this weekend” . Life has changed. This is the new normal.  Closings are scheduled last minute, mortgage agreements are no longer a quick and easy thing and we get the commitment last minute. Our poor realtors are juggling paperwork and phone calls, trying desperately to make it happen. People really do have to move last minute and they really did “just find out”.

What does that mean for movers? Our schedule is often filling up last minute. We are having trouble hanging on to good employees because the calendar is so erratic.

What does it mean to our clients? They may not be able to hire their first choice of movers. They may have trouble finding a good mover, period.

Can anything be done? Call your mover as far in advance as possible. When we know exactly what you have, we are better able to fit it into the schedule.

Check with your realtor, they may have a relationship with a mover. We have some great relationships with different realty agency’s and I try to move heaven and earth for their clients.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)


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