Partnership with your NJ Moving Company

NJ Moving company with happy customers
Jersey Shore movers, BD Movers, with happy clients

Instead of hiring your mover, why not partner with them?  You share common goals,( a great move), and you want a reputable mover as much as they want reputable clients. So my suggestion is to approach your estimates as a “win/win” .

The sales team wants to sell, you want to do this a cheaply as possible, and the owner wants repeat business. He or she knows that a happy client is one that spent what they could afford and received what they purchased.

I have been in homes where the client attacks, ” this is the lowest estimate so far, you must beat it for the work”  Do you work for the employer that pays you the least?  Or they may say ” John’s price is “x” will you match it?”  You are asking me to match the price of someone you don’t want to do business with, does that seem fair?

My approach to a job is I don’t want you to pay 1 cent more than you should, but  I should be paid every dollar I earned.

So when your estimator comes to the house, apartment, or business, explore your options. If you can do the packing, don’t hire us to do that. If you can move the boxes, don’t hire us for that. If you are really “can do” take the beds apart, disconnect the appliances, remove railings or doors if they are hindrances.  If you have a budget, let them know and they can create a menu of choices that you can  choose the most appetizing from.

Think of a job interview you had, did you want the job when they did not honor your skill and professionalism?

I truly believe you will be much happier and receive more that you bargained for on moving day when you partner with your mover.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)


1 thought on “Partnership with your NJ Moving Company

  1. that makes sense and happens way to often

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