Call your NJ Mover

I often get phone calls from people that just want a price for “x” items. If you are calling to move a piano, or an armoire I can usually do that.

A typical call might be to ask ,”how much to move a house?”  I have no idea at all. You sigh and say, “I’m moving from Toms River to Manahakwin, how much?”  I still have no idea. You clarify with, “I have some bedrooms, garage, basement, some boxes, normal stuff, you know?” I still do not know and neither does any other moving company in New Jersey or anywhere else.

The problem is that there is no typical 3 bedroom house move. Some of you will have 100 boxes (often) while others will have 300 (not uncommon). Some of you will have 2 dressers, 2 night tables, and 1 bed in your master bedroom (often), but others will have a monster “camel” dresser, a huge armoire, 2 night tables the size of a childs dressers, a four post king size bed, a lingerie chest, a fainting lounge, and an entertainment wall unit (saw this just last week). Some of you have basements where you just keep the christmas items, some of you store the family stuff from your extended family, some of you are frightened to go down there.

When you call your mover, let them come out , better yet, make them come out! Your phone estimate is worthless. If your mover wants to do a phone estimate, it’s because they are either lazy or devious.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)


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