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Moving in New Jersey

Posted in Moving by bdmovers on April 19, 2010
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I don’t know about other states but in New Jersey some items are pretty typical to have to move on moving day.

Flat screen TV’s. Most houses have at least one and many have 3 or more. We need to box these in special crates made just for flat screens. We use a cardboard with very thick walls and foam packing. Its cheaper than a wooden crate and saves our clients a few dollars.

Leather sofa’s and chairs. Very common, we shrink-wrap the upholstery and blanket wrap it also.

Joseph, Mary and St Joseph. Very common. We usually wrap them in burlap and movers quilts. Some, like the marble ones, are also boxed.

Marble and glass. Many clients have marble dining room tables or thick glass table tops. Crating is the best option. We blanket wrap and place these in a plywood crate. Sometimes we can save the customer a few dollars if we have an old crate the right size in the warehouse.

Formica Bedrooms and Dining rooms. I hate these! They are so heavy and the edges can be brittle. We blanket wrap and shrink-wrap these. The tricky part is removing the blanket or shrink-wrap because they can grab an edge and pop loose the laminate.

Hot Tubs. Lots of homes have them. The problem is age and access. If it is old the wood sides can splinter or crush. If it is in the back yard, we may have to remove fences and create a plywood walk way. If it to large it won’t fit in our trucks.

Appliances, the huge ones. Front end washers need special care, they should be locked for moving. All appliances need to be disconnected, some times by professionals. Think gas lines or water lines in a vacant house that are not capped off.

A friend of mine moves furniture in Florida, he says its all wicker and rattan. I may think of relocating my moving company….

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)


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  1. Nice post! I especially like the part about moving to Florida. Lol.

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