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Posted in Moving,moving scams,Regulations,Uncategorized by bdmovers on March 22, 2010
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I recently had a phone call that went like this:
My mover just called and said they can’t move me, can you help?
Yes I can, Where do you live? I need to come out and see what you have so I can give you an estimate.
The other mover didn’t.  What do you charge to move a small house – they said 4 hours.
I want to see it, and I can tell you. It is the law in New Jersey to protect the consumer, so, when can I come out?
I don’t want an in house estimate, I just want a price.
I understand it may not be convenient, but the last mover never took the time to take responsibility for your move. I want to so there are no surprises, and no problems on the day of your move.
Never mind then, I’ll someone else.

Plenty of movers will take this job without looking at it. Why?  Because the customer has invited them to charge whatever they want on moving day. Make us take responsibility for your move.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers! ™


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