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If you are hiring a mover, here is a quick review of how your mover will come up with a price for you

When they come out (not if! insist on it!) A reputable mover will fill out a “cube sheet” on what you have in the house, apartment or office. They may use a computer to do this or may old school it by hand. Either way is OK. You’ll walk room by room and point out what will go and what will stay. What you are packing, what they are packing. This is very important so there is no confusion on the day of the move and so an accurate price can be given. Let them look in closets, attics and basements.
With this information they will figure out the total cubic volume , weight and also the hours it may take to complete your move.

Pricing is based on one of those three numbers.

  • Cubic volume – your mover may charge you for “x” amount of space on a truck. Not used often by professional movers, still OK though. This is mostly used by self move options. For instance – some self move companies will sell you space on a truck, you load it and pay for the space you use. Self storage units and PODS charge by the space you need. The problem is you will usually overpay on self move options because you are not a professional packer and will use more space than they will. If your mover charges by space and does what is politely called a “loose pack” you could be over-charged.
  • If your mover uses weight, you will be charged for how much everything weighed when they went to a “truck scale”. Many movers use this because it is easy to measure. Furniture weighs, on average, 7 lbs per cubic foot (see how this ties in?) The problem arises when your furniture is not average and weighs more. Think of Formica furniture and the huge oak stuff. Books and office furniture are heavier. So even though it takes up the same space in the truck and even though it didn’t take any extra time, you pay more.
  • If you are charged by the hour, it is easy for you to see how your charged. They show up at 9 and finish at 3, chargeable hours are 6 ish. ish? Well there is travel time, the cost of getting to you and back at the end of the day. This is fair, it’s not their fault you moved 50 miles away and people have to be paid. What happens if the estimate is way off? you pay. What happens if the men were not experienced and not efficient? you pay. What if they got lost? you pay.

So obviously, there are problems with each method for the consumer. Which choice do you take?

Always choose the business or the man/women, over the price. Good businesses do good work at a fair price. A good place to start your search is the BBB or the New Jersey Warehouse and Movers Association. Or just call me. 😉

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers(tm)



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