New Jersey Moving company, hiring and training.

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Movers are not, well should not be, guys you grab off the street to lug your furniture around. They should be trained and educated on the profession. A good mover will find work in any town in any part of the country. The skill is not easily learned, and difficult to teach.  Why?

Although a sofa may appear to be a sofa like any other, every piece is unique. The furniture industry is still re-inventing the darn things ( I curse the genius that came up with the sofa with reclining chairs at the ends!) Take into consideration that a certain level of strength and endurance is needed before moving skills can even be trained. Add an eye for what will fit and how, some mechanic skills when we must disassemble furniture, and a caring attitude toward customers and their belongings. Not a very easy day.
When I run a help wanted ad, it always states “must be able to lift heavy items with a smile”. So the first thing I look for is a kind and pleasant demeanor. I know from experience that muscles will follow when they apply themselves to the job. Always hire “nice” first!
Training takes place on the job. We go over basics at our meetings, but you learn by doing this job. Do you remember the first time you saw a sofa, larger than the door opening, fit into a room? I can show you, I can’t tell you how to do that. Not all movers hire and train this way. It must be very hard if you are a huge moving company with dozens of trucks and crews. I have the luxury of knowing my crew and often working side by side with them.  The other upside of hiring “nice” …. I like working with them.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers! ™


1 thought on “New Jersey Moving company, hiring and training.

  1. Lanier Greenhaw

    I always hated those sofa’s with the recliners on the end too. Jst found your blog and I am enjoying it.


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