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Moving Scams 1

Posted in moving scams by bdmovers on January 18, 2010

I did a search on moving scams, and it is AMAZING! Here are some examples I found. To be fair, I removed the moving companies names. These complaints are just one side of the argument and could have been  posted for a unfair reasons. So….

  • Ripped off, lost/stolen/broken items
I have been “taken” by them as well. They overcharged, lost a lot of my stuff and after repeated calls and a claims letter sent their number have been “disconnected!”
What have you been able to find out about them? Have you gotten a lawyer? Please email me…
  • Most stressfull and unorganized move I have ever had!
Let me start by saying this was the most stressfull and unorganized move I have ever had.
First finances, we agreed upon a binding estimate of $6477.33, this included packing/unpacking of my mattresses shown on estimate at $281.76. Reviewing my BOL I was charged $6910.34 which…
  • Lies, no response, no service!
This is a complaint about xxxxxxx Moving and Storage, in New York, New York.
My wife and I recently used xxxxxx to assist us in a move from Brooklyn to Jersey this past month. I had every expectation of the move going smoothly, as it did two years ago when I used xxxxxx…
  • Moving rip-off
1st contact (binding estimate) stated any additional cubit feet would be billed at time of pick up. It failed to disclose that the charge was 3 times more than the pr cubit feet charge of the initial estimate.
I selected mover packing. Contract stated packing supplies were additional….
Hear the themes? Price changed, items lost or broken, no response. Not all, but many of complaints I found where movers found off internet sites like CraigsList.  Let me be clear, I use Craigslist for many things and I have been pleased with the results, but I am realistic with my expectations. I will not find the best there, I will find the next tier or lower there. Why? Because running a real business takes insurance, licenses and permits, payroll taxes, and workers compensation. It takes a commitment to provide services everyday, not when you and your cousin have the day off.  It means you invested in trucks, materials, and training and not rentals and guesses.
Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers ™




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  1. Mike Bruno said,

    I had the pleasure of attending a business seminar with Tony this past week. There was some brief discussion regarding price objections. One of the attendees mentioned that a client called and said ”we have a price from another company which is cheaper can you match it” Tony, said when he hears a similar objection regarding price he tells them “So you are asking me to match the price of a company you would rather not do business with” I have a construction company and run into the same issue quite frequently. If you think about it there is a reason why some companies are so cheap (maybe they are not insured, maybe they have high debt, maybe they are not paying their bills etc…) I think the moral of the story is that in sour economic times some companies are so desperate they will work for under cost to get the sale. So next time you have to make a choice over price alone—stop-drop and think— would you rather do business with a healthy professional company like Tony’s or a desperate business that may not be here tomorrow…

  2. Brian said,

    Excellent work buddy, continue the good work.

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