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Moving – Senior Moves

Posted in Senior moves,Uncategorized by bdmovers on January 9, 2010

Moving can be overwhelming. You often need the support of friends and family even when you hire a moving company. Who needs the most help though?  Our seniors.
Their move is often without help. Children live states away or have jobs, commitments that keep them from being there. If mom and dad are 85, the kids are 65 or older. Even the grandson at 45 may balk and lifting dressers and sofas all day. Packing up the house means going through 60 years of memories, a huge emotional task in itself.
Fortunately some movers have adjusted to this need. Whole new professions, senior move managers and senior move specialist, have cropped up in the last 10 years.

When you call, they offer this solution;

  • packing
  • clean outs or haul away service
  • organizing the paperwork
  • calling utilities
  • coordinating with assisted care facilities.
  • estate sales
  • donations to charities

The list goes on and on. A good company takes on the “son or daughter” job when the kids just can’t do it because of the distance.
Are there movers that do all this? Rarely. I work with many professions to give a seamless service and fill in the needs as they pop up. I know of a couple of movers that also specialize it this and I can refer them if it is out of our area. The best advice is to check us out. Follow the hyperlinks to specialized sources.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers. ™

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