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Posted in Moving by bdmovers on December 27, 2009

When hiring a moving company think of what you really need.

Do you need packing, moving and set-up? What if you really only need a couple of good movers to take the heavy stuff over? Most movers will accommodate your needs, you should be very clear in describing what you want.


I sometimes get calls asking for just 2 men. I know the thinking is 2 men are cheaper than 3. If you are moving a house you need 3, 4 or more movers. You will end up paying more for 2 men because it will take longer than it should. A fresh crew verus an exhausted crew will always be more efficient.
People will ask for a small truck. We all charge the same for a 14′ truck or a 26′ truck. Our expenses are virturally the same. I have smaller trucks for NYC or deliveries of a few items. A larger truck loads easier and quicker, often you pay less because we use a “float and run” method of moving.
Moving across the street really is not cheaper than across town. We are still putting everything on a truck and then into a house. Our day is about 15 minutes shorter, not a big cost on moving day.

Talk to your mover and we will suggest ways to keep the cost down. I do not make money on people that do not hire me, it is in your interest and mine that we find solutions.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers


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