How to bid a moving job

I get requests for a moving quote from businesses and offices that are not asking the right questions.
The request will sometimes ask for a price per man, per box, per truck, etc. I really want to scream. I know they think they are being so exact, that they will get the best deal.
Sorry, you have lost sight of what you really want from a NJ mover. In it’s simplest form, you want a price to move from a to b. That is want I want ot bid on. Why would you care if I use 10 men or 20 men? 3 trucks or 10? You want to move at a reasonable price, and you need to move over “x” days. I can bid on that without the tiny details. If I hire someone to build my house, I don’t ask about hammers and nails. What is the project cost? Simple.
I recently lost a bid because we spoke different languages. They were moving a large office but did not know how many people would be moved or how many stations. They wanted a per man, etc breakdown. I hate those estimates, because it is so open ended. Instead, I priced it per office station. That way I knew what I was getting into and they knew their total cost without “timing me” or counting heads, trucks, and or watching a clock. Because it did not fit their idea of how to measure it, they went with another NJ moving company. When it was done, it cost more than they thought it would because they asked for the wrong thing. They should have defined their goals and asked for solutions. Any mover (or street corner) can provide men but a professional will provide the solution. Are you asking the right question?

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1 thought on “How to bid a moving job

  1. I was just writing about this yesterday, it happens in my line of work too. People will ask for a price on a website but what they really want is not a site, but more business. In my earlier years I didn’t know how to address this as well but I’m getting better at answering what they’re NOT asking.

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