5 Things clients do to sabatage their move

1st off, 99% of my clients are great people. They are charming, above average in looks and intelligence, wonderful conversationalist. That being said, some go out of their way to make their move a very difficult day.

  • Number one would have to be those that did not finish getting ready. If you hired your mover to just move you, then you need to have everything packed by the time they arrive. If you run out of steam, (it happens), call them so they can try and get a packing crew out to save the day. You should never think, ‘the mover will handle it” . most of us do not show up with an extra 50 boxes to pack the kitchen and dining room. We have to have you out by your closing and you just changed that.
  • Number 2 are those that have scheduled the closings at 9am and 5 pm. Now we have to race to get you out by 9 (won’t happen) and then charge you waiting time because the men must sit in the new driveway for 7 hours. It means I may have another customer screaming at me, because the crew is stuck on your job and not helping them move. (One crew will often move 2 small-ish houses a day.)
  • Number 3 is when the you did not sell the items you told me were getting rid of. We do not have the magic truck that expands to handle any size house. I will send a second truck if you need it, but I need notice to make that happen. If you surprise us, we have have to leave items or make a second trip. By the way, I’m not talking about when I mess up and figure a smaller truck is OK. When I mess up, we handle it.
  • Number 4. You forgot to mention you built a wall 5 years ago, so the sofa that was delivered 6 years ago now can’t get out. I am very clever, as are most movers, in getting things in and out. But… you may need a carpenter or at least a chain saw now. Not my fault, please do not get upset with me. The other side of this is when I tell you, ” sorry, that is too large to fit” you insist, I try , you have a scratched wall or dresser.
  • Number 5 is when the customer insists on moving even though, the street is being paved, a hurricane, northeaster, snow storm is raging, or the new house is being carpeted, painted as we move in.

I get so frustrated when any of these things happen, it is so unfair to your mover and the other people moving. If you give us a heads up, we can go to crisis mode, make calls, move mountains and successfully move you.

Faith can move mountains, for eveything else there is BD Movers (tm)


1 thought on “5 Things clients do to sabatage their move

  1. haha! I can’t tell you how many times I showed up to help someone move and they weren’t packed yet. It is *extremely* irritating. And how do some people handle this? They start carrying stuff down to the truck in fists, a complete waste of time and energy. Carrying two extension cords and a naked radio down the stairs into the truck is not moving!

    I’m moving in 2 weeks to a part-time apartment in Arizona. I don’t have much stuff yet but once we get the placed furnished, moving out will be interesting.

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