International Moves, 5 things to remember

OK, you decided to move to Lithuania or Egypt (both moves we are doing right now) Maybe you ordered the overseas container yourself and are getting anxious to take the next step. Here’s what you need to to remember.

  • 1. Call the embassy or your forwarder and get a fact sheet on the country you’re moving to. They may have restrictions on what you can take. Some countries are very concerned about books, video tapes, and media coming into the country. I won’t point fingers, you can probably guess which ones, but every country has their quirks. Respect them and you avoid a world of trouble.
  • 2.Make a complete inventory of what you are taking. You will need a list for customs that should include all your furniture, appliances, and cartons. You must list what is in the boxes also. If the new country speaks Lithuanian, give us a copy in that language also. Make multiple copies. I like to have one in the container taped to the last bulkhead we build.
  • 3.Check out what appliances will work overseas. Electrical current is different around the world, your TV and toaster may be paperweights over there. By the way, video formats can be different also.
  • 4. Check transit times. Some countries are harder to get to. Some go through a yearly season of strikes, others may be in or close to war zones. If you are over there waiting, have clothes for that climate.
  • 5. Set up bank accounts, credit card, etc before you get there. You may need money readily available.
  • 6. bonus – hire a mover experienced with overseas moves to help you, the learning curve is steep.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers.



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