Open letter to NJ Movers

Here are my latest deep thoughts on the lead services. I realized the other day I am paying for the opportunity to compete with hundreds (?) of other movers in a market that demands the winner has the lowest price to get attention. (I was promised, like you, that the leads only go to 3 to 5 movers. Our experience shows this must be a lie.) I do not think anyone in our association has a problem competing with any other member on the “streets”. But email quotes are different; they do not see your professionalism, trucks, or references. They do not see you arrive on time and prepared for your estimate. They do not see you believe in your product. They only see price.
It has been explained to me that I can just quote a price and see what happens. They are fishing for a price; why not throw some bait in the water also? I see how that might work, but it still removes the things that make my company and your company unique. We become generic. Generic will always have little value.
So here is what I have decided, I am dropping the last couple of lead services I have tried. I am tired of paying for the chance to undercut a mover not even in my state. I admit I am not very good at competing with hundreds of emails. I am looking to promote my company in unique ways. The mantra to the business community has been that “branding” is the only way to thrive/survive, if that is true, then this must be seen as the complete opposite.

Faith can move moutains… foreverything else there is BD Movers!


2 thoughts on “Open letter to NJ Movers

  1. I used to belong to various networking services promising web design leads and decided to cut the cord on those as well. Most of my business either comes from the web (people finding me directly) or word of mouth. I haven’t regretted my decision.

    Since you’re trying new tools and open to new media, what about a Flickr (or similar) account with moving photos? Or posting photos on your blog? Historically people love photos, that’s one way to give an audience something they enjoy. (Come to think of it, I could do more of this too — think I’ll add it to my ever-growing list…)

  2. nice blog.. it’s always nice to read someone’s POV..

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