$70 per hour

Today I walked into a house where the owner  had beed quoted $70 per hour by an internet company. When they came out the price jumped up. He understandably was not happy.

Lets go through this again, a quote online is worhtless. It is a false leader, a bait and switch, or an out right lie if they quote without seeing your stuff. The reality is a sofa may weight 100lbs or it might be 400lbs, do you know? Neither  do they.  If you get an hourly quote , is it for 2, 3 or 4 men? travel time? packing charges included? driver extra? (not a joke)

$70 sounded too good to be true and it was. Do the math in your head. If we pay each man  x per day, if we allow for a truck expense,  gas and overhead. Still not sure? What would you charge to move your client with a fairly new truck (payments) 3 good guys (not street labor) and make sure you have liability insurance, workers compensation, auto/ cargo insurance.  What do want to make for a days labor?

95% of the moving clients know this, but I can’t help the rant when I am attcked because I can’t match the price of a mover that won’t come to the house, won’t show he has insurance and liability, and will not take responsability for his work.

Other than that, I am I a fine mood today. 😉

Faith can move mountains…for everything else their is BD Movers


1 thought on “$70 per hour

  1. I wouldn’t trust a mover that couldn’t show insurance and also that seemed so confident quoting rates without even seeing the goods/environment (stairs, narrow halls, etc.).

    If you had a list of questions you deemed important for homeowners to ask when they call a mover, what would they be?

    Obviously they should ask if the mover has insurance/etc. but what else? (Might be a good blog post.)

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