Top reasons to hire your movers off a street corner

To avoid the hassle of hiring a professional mover, you can always hire casual labor.  I can imagine this scenario.

You decide to use street labor rather than a mover. It is much easier. no fuss here,. So you drive by the known corner in your town and pick up the first  3 guys you see John, Harry and Moe. Harry has an interesting tattoos, one of a tear by his eye. and the other is some kind of symbol on his knuckles.  Do not worry about background checks or drug testing. Nice guys, I”m sure your wife will love them too.
Drive them to your old home if the rental truck is there, if not, go pick up the truck at this time. Driver license may be an issue, seems there was a mistake at motor vehicle that all 3 ran into. Oh well, lets leave your car and all pile in the truck together. Cozy. Lets buy everyone breakfast!
We’re loading the truck. John, Moe and Harry need a smoke or coffee break. so what, we have all day! You negotiated a day rate or perhaps  you agreed on “x” per hour, I’m sure they are honorable men and will not question your generosity. Lets buy everyone lunch.

Oops, sorry about the table, it looked real old, trash now.

New house at last, unloading takes place. New house, new walls, new floors, they’ll be careful. It’s taking a little longer than we thought, I guess we all get tired. Lets buy everyone dinner! You may be thinking. “I wish the one with crazy eyes, John,  would stop looking at my daughter” or you may be thinking ” I must be saving a mint!” Moe is talking to you, you respond.  “Yes that is valuable, you have a good eye Moe!”

It’s late and now you drive to return the rental truck. Moe, John and Harry are concerned about the pay, you really did not warn them the work was so hard and the day so long. They all would like cash of course and could you drop them  off at the corner bar?

As you drop off Harry, John and Moe, they promise to drop by and see the place when it’s done. Moe mentions how you really do have a nice sports memorabilia collection. John casually asks if your daughter is seeing anyone.

Faith can move Mountains… for everything else there’s BD Movers (tm)


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