5 reasons to hire a licensed professional mover

Stop thinking you can move your house on your own. (well, you might be able to but it ain’t easy). This is why you want to consider a mover.

  • A mover will complete your move in hours, not days. I have been watching a house on my block move themselves this week. They are on day 3 of shuttle runs with a uhaul truck. If we do the math on fuel, rental, sandwiches and fraying friendships, how much did they save? If we assume that every man and women if worth at least minimum wage, then they have lost money.
  • A mover can often be cheaper than doing yourself. (See our 1st example) I recently compared the charges for a rental truck to Florida from Manahawkin NJ. We were the same price as the do it yourself option but we did the lifting and loading.
  • A licensed mover will have insurance. They will repair their mistakes. You will not repair the dents and scratches.
  • A mover can get that armoire into the upstairs bedroom. You might, but in the process your hurt yourself , the furniture and the house.
  • I will go home at the end of the job. Your friends and family will sit around and eat you out of house and home.

Faith can move mountains.. for everything else there is BD Movers! ™


1 thought on “5 reasons to hire a licensed professional mover

  1. You forgot to mention that your friends will not resent you! We had 8 of our strongest friends over to help us move a while ago and it took that many (very grouchy) people plus two of us, 10 total, around 12 hours to move everything. Now I look back and I realize we were asking them to do a bit much; today I would only hire a mover.

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