Green Movers

Is your mover a “green company”? Its hard to say you are, we use deisel engines, lots of cardboard and packing materials. What is realistic? BD Movers has taken some steps in the right direction.

  • In the office we try to use only recycled paper, we often can’t because of required forms and paperwork that are not available as recycled.
  • We offer plastic totes as an option to cardboard. For all our customers we take back used cardboard and take it to recycling at no charge (day of move). I have experimented with offering used boxes but the risk of passing on bugs makes that a tough option. The used cartons have to be taken away quickly or the risk increases. Even the plastic totes creates a problem of “is it green” because they are rented from a company in north Jersey that will have to transport them and use fuel for that. It seems the carbon footprint math would work on large moves but not small.
  • I can offer biodegradable peanuts, they are fine on short term packing. Long term they could be a food source for rodents or if they get wet, they will start degrading and you would lose the protection.
  • Shredded paper is good on small jobs but it will settle over time. Again, no protection.

Bio-diesel, Electric Hybrid! Sorry, not yet, in my area the bio-diesel is not available (ocean county NJ) and the electric truck is not powerful enough to haul heavy loads over distances.  This link will show some of the possible future:

So for now, “green” means offering informed options, recycling or reusing where we can, and always considering the impact of our decisions.


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