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The other day I was in the home of a man that lost his job and needs to move. Has to move because the apartment is no longer his. I met his wife and 2 sons, all really nice, smart people. I use to think we all make our fortunes, make our luck, but I am meeting too many smart, capable people that have been blind sided by this economy. I often come home depressed from the personal stories I hear each day. Another home had both husand and wife unemployed and in a new house with their young son. Another was moving out of state, (I’m in Ocean County, NJ), but not to a new job or family, just to start over. He said it has to be better somewhere else.

If I may make a suggestion, please thank God for your family, your job, your work. It is too precious to take for granted.
For years now I have told my customers and employees at BD Movers that ” I’ve had work and I’ve had no work… work is better”. Those words are really ringing true for a lot of us.


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