Moving and Realtors

I have to say that hiring a realtor in Ocean County is a no-brainer. It is overwhelming the things you need to accomplish by yourself .  Not all realtors are created equal, (not all movers are either), but the best are truly like family by the time you sell the house and move. My friends that sell homes work ungodly hours. They make themselves available for you  at all hours. They handle the multitude of professions involved (lawyers, appraisers.title companies, home inspectors, BD Movers, etc) . They coordinate all this so the paperwork and the “closing” all happen as it should.

On a bad day, I may feel that movers are the most maligned profession, but realtors must be a close second. Its not fair. Psychologist have told me that moving and loss of a spouse/child are the most stressful events in a persons life. Everyday we (movers and realtors) serve this population.  The stress will express itself somewhere.

So, please clients, do your homework. Your sister-inlaw that sells homes part-time will not do as good a job as a full time realtor. If you see a bunch a letters after their name, if means they have contiuned to learn and get better. When you drive into a neighboorhood and see one realtors name listed on all the “for sale” signs, it is because they know the market and they are experts for the area.  A good realtor will get you the best possible deal on your home (statistics back me up) and make life easier. Like I said, a no brainer.


1 thought on “Moving and Realtors

  1. Well, thank you for all the positive comments about REALTORS. I have been doing real estate for four decades, dad before me and grandma since 1928. I have gotten those initals after my name, it takes years in some cases.
    Hope we can move more folks in and out of ocean county, it’s a great place to be.

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