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Who’s coming to your home?

Posted in Moving,Ocean County,Uncategorized by bdmovers on January 30, 2009

I do not think most people consider who is coming to their home when they move.

When a customer calls BD Movers we insist on coming out to do an on-site estimate. We are often met with resistance to the idea, ” I just want to know how much this will cost!” I have a couple of problems with that.  I have yet to speak with a customer that knew just how much they had in the house. If I make a mistake on the estimate, I live with it. If you did not tell me about the 100 boxes in the attic, you are charged extra. I think everyone understands that.

Now the flip side. You hired a mover over the phone or Internet. You have no idea if they are professional or not, but you did hear a price you liked. I won’t go into how that price is about to change. It will. I want to talk about the 3 or 4 men coming to your home.  Do they seem to be full time employees or “street labor” . On any given day I can swing by certain street corners and hire some guys ALOT CHEAPER than my regular guys. That savings could be passed on to the customer. Why not?

Listen up! This is the important part…. because movers know what you have…… where you live…….and who is vulnerable.  This is not the time to let just anyone move your daughter or elderly parents.  Here in Ocean County NJ we have the greatest consent ration of adult living communities in the country. I shudder each time an elderly customer calls and will not let a mover do an on-site estimate.  Can I be any clearer?


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