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Ocean county greats

Posted in Ocean County,Realtor,Uncategorized by bdmovers on January 21, 2009

I love it when someone complements my business, here are a few I heard great things about.

  • Marion Romano is a realtor in Ocean County,, her clients rave about her. I have not used Marion with any of my home sales but if she is the realtor for one of my customers I can count on a smooth closing and no delays for my crews. ( I know of other realtors, but let’s give only one a “shout out” at a time)
  • Lou Castro of SOS Computers,, has me as a raving fanatic customer. I use him, my family and friends, and I refer my clients to him. The guy is great.
  • Kathy Natoli owns Aquarius Mortgage, She is helping me with my refinance. Hey lower rates everybody! If I had a complaint it would be she never sleeps and sends me updates on my loan daily (it seems) . She will kill you with information and competence.
  • Last one…. Start Fresh Cleaners are a great new company in my area. Sarah is running it. It’s so new you’ll have to call my office for her phone number. I referred her to  client the other day, she called and set up an appointment right away. A very professional start!

I would welcome any comment on other great companies/businesses in our area. Most of my work is referral and I appreciate having great people to refer!


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  1. Tony & his crew are “old school” which you don’t come across too often today. In all of the years that I have been in business, I have only heard great things about his service. I clean out the old homes & Tony moves the client into their new home. It totally frees the client from undue stress.

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