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Did you realize that in New Jersey movers must be licensed and carry the appropriate insurances ( cargo, workers comp, auto, etc)? We are governed by the Board of Public Movers a division of the Board of Consumer Affairs. Each year we reapply and provide the board with our current operation information. Any mover you consider hiring must have a PM number, the minimum requirement of selecting a good mover.
If you are moving out of state (any state) then make sure your mover is licensed for that. The DOT oversees those requirements. Your mover will supply that information to you when he comes out for an inhouse estimate. They will give you a consumer notice booklet that outlines your rights and responsibilities.
Next you may want to check them out with the BBB. The BBB does an exceptionally good job of tracking the good/bad guys. If fact they are changing to a new rating system, ratings A through F, that should be a huge help to all of us.
In New Jersey, see if they are a member of the New Jersey Warehouse and Movers Association, The members must agree to a code of ethics to join and the organization does a great job of educating the members on safe and professional practices.


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