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A Moving Horror Story

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I received this the other day from a lawyer friend, the story (or similar) is familiar to everyone now.

“I represent a couple who moved to Florida without BD Movers. Their furniture was trashed and some items are still missing. The truck that left their house was not the truck that arrived in Florida and when it got there the second moving company wouldn’t even open the doors until they (a) signed a waiver that their stuff was in great condition and (b) coughed up a certified check for an additional $1,200. The company that arrived in Florida has a terrible track record with a lot of consumer complaints similar to these.

We sued the company and right now I am preparing discovery. These guys sound like the kind of bad apples you talk about in your presentations. Can you suggest some things I could inquire into that would help me establish this? ”

Whenever I get these stories I ask myself how they found the mover. Usually it was over the phone/internet, no referrals from friends, the cheapest price. The formula for disaster repeats itself over and over.

To  protect yourself, at a minimum, follow these suggestions.

  • No phone estimates! Insist they come out and do a physical survey. Get the price in writing. Is it a firm price or will it be determined by weight?
  • Who is the carrier? Are they the company that will deliver the furniture? Do they subcontract the work?
  • When will it be delivered? Is that firm or a “window of delivery”?
  • Who are the people loading/unloading? Are they the companies employees or are they “casual labor” that is hired when they get to a new town?

I hope to flesh out other suggestions as this blog evolves.

Have a happy new year!


3 Responses to 'A Moving Horror Story'

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  1. Darcie said,

    It’s scary to hear stories like these! I’m so grateful we went with BD Movers, even though it was just an in-town move.

    • bdmovers said,

      Thanks Darcie, I’m sure you have stories like this in your industry also. Evideo enjoys a great reputation whenever I hear people talking about web videography. Tony

  2. Typically this happens when clients go CHEAP! Thinking that they are getting the bargain of the century which reserves them the right to complain afterwards when the job isn’t completed professionally. On the other hand, if this client was taken for a ride, then shame on those movers.

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